A Special Fast

Some time back I joined up a wonderful group of people. They consist of Soldiers, family members of Soldiers, and awesome supporters of our men an women who are fighting the War on Global Terrorism.

During this period a woman that many have heard of, Cindy Sheehan, started a ‘fast’.  Her theme is anti-war, bring the troops home.

As a mother of an awesome young man in the Army, I was intrigued at first. For what type of person would ever want to send a loved one into the fire of the storm? I too, want the troops home. I want the war to end.

However, when I read more of Ms. Sheehans words, I discovered her thoughts centered more on ‘discontent of the President’  than support towards our Troops.

Tanker Brothers had a wonderful idea. We could begin our own fast. Each taking a day to fast and pray for the safety of our men and women in harms way, that they may be guided by the wisdom of the Lord, and have the strength and courage to serve their mission.

Yesterday I picked two special Soldiers to honor while I fasted:

 Today is my Happy Birthday, so go ahead and break out the cake! Just don’t tell me how good it tastes.

Seriously, I am fasting for all the men and women who are in harms way. Those who celebrate their own birthday away from their loved ones. I have chosen to send out a case of Little Debbie’s Snack cakes to my guys today. With a wish that they all know we are thinking of them on their own special day.

I am also honoring my big brother Capt. ‘Bro’. He has been my rock through the war. Taking time to explain the uglies, never sugar coating, yet helping me feel somewhat at peace. Thank you for being there to pull me out of the dumps time after time.


And one more… My Buddy “Rod” and his unit from Hawaii, who are in Iraq … The Little Debbie’s are coming your way! Thank you for fighting the Good Fight for us back home!

 I should have an update on David’s unit by Wednesday!


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