Support from Around the World

Many groups from around the world are supporting the War on Terror.

While reading an Australian blog Andrew Landeryou
I discovered this fantastic video of Aussie lass, Beccy Cole, who is singing “Poster Girl” in response to some of her fans who disagree with her supporting the Diggers, the Australian soldiers fighting in The Long War
Turn up the speakers and enjoy!

Poster Girl

From Andrew’s blog ~

We can only hope those too willing to abandon Iraq whether they come in and out of International Socialist meetings or the White House itself are listening to her.

I supported the decision to liberate Iraq. Despite the toll in treasure and in lives, it was clearly the right decision. Saddam Hussein is in prison not in power, endangering the lives of his countrymen, his neighbours and much of the world.

Some are suggesting a vote. A nationwide plebiscite in Iraq to decide whether US and allied forces should withdraw.

A majority could reaffirm the moral imperative of the American mission. And silence the surrender monkeys gathering around as high as some advising the President.

A vote in favour of withdrawal could enable America and allies to withdraw honourably, at the democratically determined direction of the people of Iraq. Not even the OC could argue with that.

For the one democratic certainty is that the punters always – by a magic that cannot be explained – somehow get it right. Even in Iraq.

Game on.


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