He is Famous!

Well…. He was just quoted in a 4-9 news article. That makes him a celebrity in my book!

Hey, I am his Mom and I can set the standards.

Trying to decide how much of the article I can share without giving out too many details… You know the OPSEC stuff that I am just learning to cooperate with.

The Military tends to frown on me when I give out his name, rank, location and the details of his last and upcoming missions. Who’d a thunk it? (ok, I really need to quit using that expression. )   🙂

Super Dave… aka… My L’il Trooper… aka Momma’s Scout, was asked about the transition between his unit (hereafter called X in order to fool the masses and me too) and the Unit that is preparing to come home. (Unit Y…. also known as part of the 4th ID)

That would be the same 4th ID that my dear friend “Itzy’s” (yes, another code name) son belongs.

This whole OPSEC thing can be fun… confusing, yet I feel like a junior sleuth.

Back to the original thought… David (code name Jack) said, “The best training you’ll get is during the time you spend with the unit (Y) who’s here right now.”

The article then told a little about him… sorry can’t share because, I don’t know for sure how to put it all in code. I am working on it. 

We are working on a special project for David. Just one piece of the scavenger hunt!  A picture will be posted as soon as he upholds his end of the deal.

I know that none of this makes a bit of sense.  Stay tuned and it will unwind. 

In the mean time I want to share a special song and prayer that was sent to me.

Thank you Gary Jacobs, for your service and for sharing so much with this Mom of a Soldier.  http://pzzzz.tripod.com/theprayer.html

Turn on your speakers and grab a tissue.


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