I am Weak


This morning was rough. I am not sure why and chose to blame it on hormones. (why not?) So I typed it out:

As I sit here in my cozy office, sipping my hot cocoa, listening to the stereo… Life is good … with the exception, the HUGE exception of not knowing if my son is ok.How is a parent supposed to stay in the festive holiday mood with the knowledge that my eldest son (still my little man) is somewhere in the belly of a hostile country?

If he is still working the same shift, he will be off duty now. Will he too be drinking a cup of cocoa?

Should I just put on the Christmas carols, put up the beautiful lights, and enjoy for him?

This is a bummer.

Please God, Santa, The Good fairy … oh Hell … anyone who has the power, Keep my son and his fellow Soldiers safe… (I’ve been good this year … most of the time)

I can no longer see thru the tears.

Today I don’t rant, I plead. Let them feel our love back in the States.

All my Love,
Mom J.

And then the funnies started rolling in to cheer me up. Thanks Vince and Lisa! Two better friends, one could never want for.

TV’s Craig Ferguson traveled to Bahrain over Thanksgiving weekend to entertain troops and discussed it during his monologue Monday night. It was pretty funny.  There’s nothing to download, but if you have streaming video capabilities, you can watch the monologue online


I am better now…. Thanks guys!


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