My Favorite Marine

From time to time I will send out via email or post on various websites … pictures, comments, news bits, and funnies that I have received from “My Favorite Marine.”

I thought it was time to share this wonderful, special, fantastic, brilliant……………  (good one huh?), yet tough as nails Marine with the rest of the world.

No longer will she merely be known as My Favorite Marine… She now has a face to go with the title. (actually, she has had a face for all of her life… or so I have been led to believe.)

So Many pictures to chose from… because it is getting closer to Christmas, I have picked this shot.  You’ve got to love a Marine who loves Santa. (That rule is written in an official code of ethics book, I am sure!)

… And a special thanks to my very own L’il Scout for making this deployment so much easier on his dear old Mom. Your sense of humor with the special requests are taking some of the uglies  out of you being at War.

We love you David!

Ps. The ‘health food’  for your CSM will be in the mail on Wednesday!  Keep the requests rolling in.


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