Sending letters and emails of support to my favorite Warriors is just a simple way for me to feel like I am doing something positive. Yet, when I get to the end of the letter…. I always debate on just how to end it. Although, I am a loving Mom, I don’t want to make someone uncomfortable by signing;    

Love,  or  Miss you,” as some of those to whom I write, I have not met in person.

So, I usually opt out for:

Be careful… OK, I am going to be perfectly honest. That sentiment seems silly (although heart felt) Almost like telling an alligator wrestler to watch out for the tail. (DUH!)

….and, Have a nice day, (again meant with sincerity) seems out of place. … So, I was reading a list of salutations and came across some gems to be used appropriately… Whatever that means?

*may the Air Force be with you,
* Hugs, kisses, and broken fingers, (had to add the last part to keep it from being too mushy)
* love & rockets,
* yours until the cow moooooooooooos,
* forever and always, or is it? (keep them guessing)
* yours regardless,
* Till the world caves in, (or Osama’s cave crumbles) 
* Tag you’re it,

* Your Majesties exiled servant, (perfect for the next time David calls me Princess!)
* Vive la revolution!
* Hugs and rug-burns (ok, can’t use this one with too many people)
* At Your Service,
* Hasta la pasta,
* Word to your Mother, (I guess, I am too old to get this one?)
* That’s the truth, no really!
* As usual,
* Keep your stick on the ice, (for the hockey enthusiast)

*Stay tuned,
* Live long and prosper, (don’t you want to bow politely after this one?)
* my 5 mins are up,
* with trepidation,
*Until gossip do us part,
*The Pleasures been all yours! (to be used when writing to an egotist)
*I’m off like a prom dress,
* Go forth and multiply, (not sure that the Government would approve of this suggestion!)
* May the Gods not smite thee,
* CONFUSION TO OUR ENEMIES, (a personal favorite of mine)
*Be good or be good at it,
*I’m gonna make like a baby and head out, (just Dorky enough to be funny)
Perhaps, I will end all future correspondence with…  “Hopelessly trying to come up with a closing,” 

Yes, I believe that will work! 


Mom J,

and David… My proper title would be The Queen, not Princess!)


2 Responses to Salutations

  1. Very nice site. Maria

  2. Hello Cavmom.
    I hope you have been doing well. It has been about 5 years since we communicated. Thank you for your encouragement and support my friend at that time. You were a tremendous blessing to me at that time my friend. I would love to hear from you my friend.

    I do not know if you have been able to stop by to visit with me in a while, so I would Invite you to stop by Second Chance to Live when you have a chance. I have made some changes and have 1013 articles and 110 video presentations as uploaded to You Tube.

    I have 2 Site Maps that contain the articles and presentations. You can access my Site Maps by clicking on or copying and pasting these links in your browser. Site Map of my Articles, and my Site Map for my You Tube Video Presentations

    By clicking on these links or copying and pasting them into your browser, a list of my articles and my video presentations will open in the respective Site Maps. Once on my Site Map (s), by clicking on the title of the article or on the video presentation, the title or presentation will open either on Second Chance to Live or on my You Tube Channel.

    I will say so long for now. I hope to hear back from you.

    Have a great day my friend.


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