Trigger’s back in Iraq!


Well-Traveled Cav Mascot Back in Iraq
By Pfc. Shea Butler
“Trigger,” the 1st Cavalry Division’s mascot, got to stretch his legs for the first time in a long
time Nov. 14, once removed from his shipping container.

Trigger is a life-sized horse, complete with circa 1800s saddle, stirrups and bridle. Unveiling Trigger is a big event in for the division headquarters, yet it’s nothing new for Master Sgt. Kevin Milligan, the division’s commandant.“I unveiled Trigger on his very first deployment and he has deployed with Cav ever since then,” Milligan said. He said the stallion replica reminds today’s Cav troopers of their proud lineage.
“Trigger represents the Cav’s past present and future,” Milligan noted. “He represents freedom — which is what all fallen Soldiers from past and present fought for. He represents all Soldiers who have ridden in a saddle for Cav.”

When I see the picture of Trigger…. I cannot help but begin humming Gary Owen….


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