Send My Baby Home

Christmas in America, Melissa Etheridge

I am not whining… Really, I’m not! My L’il Trooper has not been gone that long and I am tough. (no, really, I am!)  I know he has quite a bit of time before he will even be home on leave and even longer before this deployment is complete.

But, heck… I can still want him to come home and Dad J. needs someone on his side when I am trash talking his teams. I’m sorry Son, but he can’t do it without you.

So, when we sit and watch the games, I sit politely and just think of all the garbage I should share. OK, that is a lie. I call it like I see it and Dad J. tries to comeback at me with a witty bullet or a piercing stab-of-a-comeback… Alas, he lacks your verbal fortitude. Your, desire to decimate me with trivial facts.

We are seriously missing you Son. Who else can spew out the stats like an uncapped fire hydrant, soaking us until we beg for mercy?

(Is that enough of a pre-Merry Christmas suck-up?)

The books have been sent… I hope you have already received them! Cookies and fun stuff were sent out yesterday.

Back to my request… Bring my Baby HOME!


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