My Christmas Wish


I am posting this today because I hope to be away from this blasted internet, which holds me prisoner, for a few days!

With this being my last fast before Christmas, I would like to take a moment to reflect. So many emotions are running thru my mind…

I get so caught up in the “Gotta Get It Done Now.” “No Time To Stop For Dessert. ” “If You Aren’t Helping Me, You Are In The Way…. ”

… that I forgot how to enjoy the beautiful pictures the second grade students drew for me to send to Iraq…. I forgot how to sit still for a moment and watch puppies playing with a sock….. I forgot how to exhale.

It took some very special events … the times in your life, you wish you could pause, rewind, and watch over and over again…. To help me regain some balance… Some peace…

I am going to rewind a few of these…. and keep them in my mind, savoring the happiness, the peace, the love

The happiness on my son’s face… When he handed me the largest birthday card I have ever seen. The pain in his eyes, when he asked me not to worry for him when he was at war. The strength in his soul.

I could cry that he is not home now… But I will enjoy the happiness in my heart . The happiness I felt when he was home… I thank the Lord for allowing me to see him before he left for Iraq. (He must have known how much I needed that.)

The Love in my husbands arms when I need a safe place to be away from the crazies of life… The stroke of his fingers across my cheek, brushing the hair out of my eyes… The shoulder he offers me, to shed a tear. The ear he offers, to hear of my day. His voice of reason … For only he can pull me back to the world of, Well… Where people don’t shout at the shadows. I thank the Lord for sending Mr. J. to be at my side.

The letter from a soldier, sharing the birth of his daughter with us!
There have been so many moments… I need to pause, rewind, and replay…. Life is good!

However… Due to greed… I have one more wish… But it is a BIG WISH… Everyone should get one wish this year….

I have thought this out… Because there are so many things I want…

I could wish for the end of suffering … the end of the war… (it would be awesome to have David home)

I could wish for material things… A house on the ocean front…. An endless pile of money…. Or more simply, that hot little Mercedes….

But, what I would pick, if given only one wish?

The answer is simple.

I wish that every heart was filled with LOVE. The simple love of a child. The intense love of mother for her child… The love I have in my heart for my husband.

For how could anyone want to harm another… If they felt such a strong love?

Maybe we could start next year by simply liking those who have hurt us … and pray for love to fill our hearts… Merry Christmas… Peace on Earth… Good will towards men

May our men and women who are fighting the war on Terror, know that we love them back home!

Merry early Christmas from Proud Cav Mom and Mr. J.



Santa, played by Ken Rice, a civilian contractor with the AAI Corporation, and his six reindeer, Soldiers from Company E, 615th Aviation Support Battalion, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, prepare for launch on an unmanned aerial vehicle launcher at Camp Taji, Iraq Dec. 18. Santa is apparently trying to get an early start this year and has traded in his traditional sleigh for something a little newer and more “high tech.” (U.S. Army photo by Master Sgt. Winston Churchill, 615th Aviation Support Battalion)

                     (My Favorite Marine)


I’ll add more as they come in!

(David, I am still waiting on that picture… You know the one!)


6 Responses to My Christmas Wish

  1. LONNIE says:

    Great pics…I would love to use a couple for my Xmas post…

    Holiday Greetings from an old soldier in China and welcome to Wednesday’s Heroes…


  2. Chicagoray says:

    A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours, and welcome to Wednesday’s Hero’s from here.

    And also accept my hearty thank you to your fine child for protecting this country and freedom around the world for the rest of us..

  3. cavmom says:

    Thank you for the welcomes! Feel free to share the pictures. I should be adding a few more this evening.

  4. Kathi says:

    Merry Christmas! and welcome to the Wednesday Hero blogroll:)

  5. Welcome to Wednesday Heroes.

  6. Saboma says:

    From reading this post, my first thought is to bring a special hug to you, Mom. It grabbed my soul and made my eyes leak a bit.

    Welcome to WH.


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