Atrocities Uncovered in Iraq

“WARNING – Very Graphic”

In studying the war, I have found some very disturbing photographs that seem to contradict what the Military is telling us about our men and women who are serving in the Middle East.

Day after day, they feed us ‘stories’ of the good that is being done, the hearts that are being won… Now I am left to wonder, have they been telling us lies?

What are they trying to accomplish with such nonsense? Pictures do not lie. Our Men and women have been acting in a deplorable manner!

What is next? I am left shaking my head… Such Atrocities







What is next?  🙂

all pictures and captions courtesy of 


38 Responses to Atrocities Uncovered in Iraq

  1. Gawfer says:

    Excellent Post!

    Welcome aboard Wednesday Hero! as well. I believe I’ll have to obscond this post and link back to you… 🙂

    BTW, Thank you and your child for their service. It means a great deal to me a veteran, husband, and father of four.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Ronin says:

    Great post and pics.

  3. RoxiAmerica says:

    Excellent! The unseen!

  4. Cavmom,

    Nice post! Had me rolling on the floor! I’ve linked it on my site.



  5. Tracy says:

    LOL. I love the captions. 🙂

  6. I wanted to thank you for stopping by.
    You really had me going when I read the intro into your post.
    I love good sarcasm. Great pictures…you really made your point.


    cav-mom…My wife and I TOO hope for a safe return of ALL our BOYS…They had done way beyond what our goverment had exspected,I BELIEVE they had done all they can…they all had done a fine job…I too am very prowd of our son,who is with the 1st cav,and is at this moment doing his job there in IRAQ…bring them home

  8. cavmom says:

    Joe, I will add your son to my prayers. Sometimes a parents it seems that prayer is all we have to go on.

    That and the knowledge that our sons and daughters are in the best trained military in the world.

    Give your wife a hug for me and hang in there. God willing, we will see our boys before Christmas ’07!

  9. love the pics! Great satire!

  10. Carol Bishop says:

    You so rock CAV MOM!

  11. […] 20, 2007 I never would have believed it Posted by David under Uncategorized  United States soldiers caught on film (multiple sources) clearly commiting war crimes and atrocities. Dear God what have we become? Warning, the link contains graphic images […]

  12. cavmom says:

    BadA~ Thanks! My life relects this post… One big Satire. 😀

  13. cavmom says:

    Hugs to ya Carol.

  14. reality_check_greece says:

    This post has been edited by the owner of this blog.

    I do not allow slander towards our Warriors in any form.

    Please take your hate elsewhere.

    p.s. you do know your son is over there fighting for oil., don’t y…..what am I saying of course you don’t.

    (I left the p.s. part up because it is so ignorant that it is FUNNY!)

  15. ali says:

    This post has been edited by the owner of this blog.

    I do not allow slander towards our Warriors in any form.

    Please take your hate elsewhere.

  16. SK says:

    Wow CavMom, what did you do to bring out the whack jobs? I mean really, here they come, spreading their own version of cheer and goodwill! What a bunch of raving, lunatic, assholes.

  17. Leta says:

    Perhaps if people such as reality_check_greece either knew or made the choice to support those who allow him/her to have the freedom to express how they fell he/she would have different words to comment. I won’t go in to the “fighting for oil”, etc scenarios – those are easy to use in lieu of admitting and confronting the true REALITY (wanna “check” that ) of why our brave men and women continue to make the free choice to defend us against the terrorist who would rather have us submit to their way of life. Asking reality_check_greece to move to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. isnt’ worth it either. He/she knows that life there wouldn’t be long or “comfortable”. Instead he/she continues to choose to sit in he/her comfortable and safe environment and write comments such as that above. The chicken way “out”. The less than REALITY way that is so much easier to “live” with.

    I thank God EVERY day for men like CavMom’s son, Mr & Mrs Michnowski’s son and so many other sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends, fiances and friends who wake up every day and put on their uniforms for me, for us.

    If ony….if only the media would spend the time and energy on our troops and the amazing work they are doing perhaps some of the lunatics would see the light. If only….

  18. SK says:

    Leta, they are NEVER gonna see any light with their heads that far up their A$$es.

  19. LL says:


    Good grief.

    What a bunch of idiotic people you’ve somehow attracted, sugar!

  20. cavmom says:

    Thanks for stopping in ladies! What Ali and Geek (Freudian slip) 😀 don’t understand is my son never went to Iraq for oil.

    Not a chance. he went to Iraq in hopes that I would send him some peanut butter cookies. He knows that the only way I will ever send him cookies is if he is keeping busy swatting flies and wasps in the lovely country of Iraq.

    Now IF he is over there getting oil, I sure hope he brings me back a bucket or two!

    Do you think they will let him bring it back on the plane as a carry-on?

  21. SK says:

    Well, thank God we have young men and women who will go when called upon. People like your visiting trolls wouldn’t fight no matter what. They just like living off someone else’s blood and sweat, all the while mocking them. Someday, I hope they learn the feeling of TRUE fear and loss, then maybe they’ll grow up. But I doubt it.

  22. Aussie_Chic says:

    Some of those pics are from a Community Centre in Iraq. After completing their term of service, some National Guardsmaen returned as VOLUNTEERS to help keep the Centre running. Damm thugs, imagine returning as a volunteer, how dare they!! Trying to help the Iraqi people like that!! That’s just DISGUSTING!!

    Reality_Check_Greece I’ll stand with you. I am so disgusted with our Soldiers being in Iraq I am going to boycott oil. Completely. In no way am I going to use oil, any of it’s by products or any of the services that require it. I’ll never use power or my car again. I wont shop in a supermarket that uses power either. I’ll give up my job, my lifestyle and everything I know and go live on a piece of dirt under a tree and eat nothing but roots and berries. Screw that, we need oil dumbass.

    In 1994, Pres Clinton sat back (possibly too busy getting a blowjob??) while close to a million Rwandans were massacred in 100 days. Would you prefer a President who does nothing??

    Oh what am I saying, perhaps you would….

  23. brat says:

    Waaaaaaaay late here – and I, too, seem to have missed the oil. We pay more than $3 over here. I demand oil….

    I get so tired of the same old stuff from these people. But ya know? They – also – are a wee bit late on this thread. rofl..In the meantime, our troops – yes, yours and mine – keep on keeping on.

    I refuse to waste my oil (errrrrrrrr I mean arguing with these idiots.

    Too bad for them. I doubt they will NEVER understand what the words “service to others” mean. You know, service such as is on display in these graphic images. 😉

    Too bad. But WE got your back CavMom….

    Thank YOU CavMom and son. *waves to Iraq*.

  24. Terri says:

    Well darn I guess I got in on this a little late, as I just got home from work. Hmmmmm, Marty never told me when he went to Iraq that he was fighting for Oil. Dang and I thought it was to help the Iraqis to have freedom like we have here. Guess I’ll have to give him hell about that tonight when he calls.

    Seriously though, people like these trolls just don’t get it do they? They never will understand, as brat says, what it means to serve others and to sacrifice to do so.

  25. Mrs. Diva says:

    Well dayum Aussie Chic, talk about NERVY!!! Those guys in the pics are equal to “Ghengis Khan” (just pretend I said that with a snooty Hah-vahd accent). If they say it long enough, it will become reality, in their mind. Heh. What a special place to live.

  26. Kmuzu says:

    I am a die-hard liberal and alirght – fair enough – you got me. I did enjoy the pictures and it’s nice to know there are soldiers who really care about people. I’m still against this filthy war and it would be better if those soldiers were holding and playing with their own children. But you’ve made your point quite elegantly.


  27. cavmom says:

    Kmuzu ~ You would be surprised if you knew just how much our men and women in Iraq really do care about the people.

    If they did not, they could have ended this war very quickly by blowing up everyone who resembled a terrorist.

    Instead, many of our Warriors are taking the time to learn Arabic. They are working hand in hand with the people to rebuild areas and offer medical care.

    Their hard work is paying off with many Iraqi people stepping up and offering valuable information to aid in finding terrorists and explosives.

    You cannot believe everything you are catching on the news. It is sad, but for some strange reason the big networks will not show the progress.

  28. Jess says:

    Well…..people who do not have a CLUE about the war in Iraq blame the oil…WHY? simple answer BECAUSE that’s what ignorant people watching/reading the wrong news talk about…. our men and women in uniform are fighting for our FREEDOM of expressing ourselves, UNFORTUNATELY some express in very STUPID ways. Now let me go to comment about your very graphic and explicit slides…AWESOME JOB! God bless them and may all come back safe.

  29. cavmom says:

    I would like to thank all of the wonderful people who have stopped in and offered their support.

    I would also like to explain to any who might stop in with the goal of bashing our men and woman who are in the Middle East fighting for ME.

    If you call me a crazy, right-winged zombie, Bush following idiot ~ I will laugh and hand you your free pass to the door. Name calling is silly and tends to give me a chuckle, just before I delete you.

    However, all bets are off when you show the same contempt for my HEROES, the men and women who suit up day after day in the sweltering heat and fight for a better world. My son and the Brave Warriors at his side do not have the luxury of popping on-line and defending themselves against arm chair aggressors.

    Therefore, those of us who love and honor them may become a tad bit upset. If you come thru my doors and speak ill of the men and women in uniform, I will throw you to the wolves before I make your words vanish like a puff of hazy smoke in a gale force wind.

    😉 We don’t play around when it comes to defending those we love.

  30. cavmom says:

    Jess ~ I forgot to add… Hugs to you and Baby G. 🙂

  31. Phineas Clik says:

    I applaud your site. It is so refreshing to see that not everyone is drinking the koolaid and believing the hype. I appreciate our GI’s and I know first hand the work they do is well appreciated. Great job. I’m gonna link you to my site if you don’t mind. Thanks for a wonderful job!

  32. The Wise One says:

    If we were fighting for oil. hmm lets see we have been in control of that country for hmmmm 4 years now, and we have taken hmmmmmmm 0 barrels of free oil… yep we must be fighting for oil all right.

    How stupid are these people? No they just shout their slogans but haven’t got the facts or brains to back them up.. sooo hapily we move on and forget the stupid… oh unless they try to take our guns away in order to force thier way of government on us…

    Then POW back into the stone age they get sent. Do not pass go .. Do not collect $200…… No get out of jail free card. hahahah boy am I charitable this morning..

  33. cavmom says:

    Phineas ~ Thank you for stopping in and leaving a kind word. 😉 I checked out your site. Do we get a sample of your talent?

  34. cavmom says:

    Oh Wise One ~ Ya know I love you and your charitable heart!

  35. keenwaa says:

    I have to say the post is very funny and makes a good point. People really need to be on the look out for bias and shouldn’t trust everything the agenda-driven main stream media says. I have no doubt that the troops over there are doing tremendous good.

    Two of my brothers are in the national guard and one of them served over a year in Afghanistan. A number of my cousins have been serving in Iraq and have stated that the media does not show the good that is happening over there. However, at the same time, I think it’s silly to hold out the idea that the war was instigated and continues in order to defend freedom. Before anyone goes off about me being a brainwashed liberal, let me tell you that I’ve been an ultra-conservative my entire life and initially supported the war.

    However, the more I’ve learned about the events that events leading up to the war (with the misinformation, clear push for the invasion before the false evidence, etc.), as well the overall history of U.S. foreign policy, the more clear it’s become to me that the Iraq war was a only a continuation of a pattern of imperialistic foreign policy stretching back over 100 years. Beginning with the U.S. takeover of Hawaii, and continued with the coup of the democratic Guatemalan government for the United Fruit Company, as well as the 1953 overthrow of the democratically elected Iranian government for other commercial interests, to mention just a couple of the more obvious examples, the U.S. foreign policy has been following the same trend of acting for economic interests at the expense of her fundamental and cherished principles. Unfortunately, this pattern began just as corporations arose and started to gain great political power. Formerly the part of peace, the republican foreign policy has also been molded (if not hi-jacked) by a mixture of political and corporate interests.

    I do not think the Iraq war was merely about oil. It’s much more complex than that. However, I do believe that it was largely motivated by economic interest. As many have pointed out, it was an important part of maintaining dollar hegemony. War on a tactic does not make any sense, especially when evidence shows that what we’re doing increases terrorism ( ,

    I recognize that there is lots of liberal propaganda against the war. However, the problem with our ridiculous tradition of labeling ourselves as a part of a party makes us blind to any facts which show that “our” party has been in the wrong. Anything which casts a bad light on our party puts us on the defensive and we completely disregard it as propaganda. Anything which supports our view or supports our party we accept as truth, when in reality, propaganda has been a tool used by either party and most administrations.

    While there are many good things being done in Iraq by good soldiers, lets not forget that this is only one side of a much bigger picture. Unfortunately, there are also many bad incidents which take place as evidenced by Abu Ghraib pictures ( And as good as these pictures above look, the sad truth is that there are many children who need attention and support now that their parents have been killed. I am glad that there are wonderful individuals serving who are helping the many who are suffering.

    Let’s look at what’s going on objectively and not be sucked into the two-party trap.

  36. […] for my blog painting a false ‘rosy picture’ of the war. Particularly my post…  Atrocities Uncovered in Iraq  I would like to take a little bit if space here to respond:First and foremost: It is my blog. […]

  37. KeaponLaffin says:

    Just Stumbled here and like to say:

    Thanks to all the Troops! Don’t listen to the news hype. We support you all the way!
    Not gonna make a political rant. Just Go Troops, we know you’re fighting the Good Fight.

    PS:This message NOT paid for by the Republican Party. I’m an Independent, thank you.

  38. caspito says:

    i understand that there are soldiers in iraq playing with children. but there are also people inadvertently killing children, or at least their parents. these captioned images make light of the severity of the situation and border on propaganda. we all know that there are americans over in Iraq doing good deeds, but they are often merely cleaning up the messes that other Americans have made. It seems incredibly blind and ignorant to fully support US military operations in Iraq at this point.

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