Distractions from War

As a parent it is easy to get caught up in endless Internet searches, looking for any article which might give us a glimpse of our child’s situation in the Middle East. My searches range from Iraqi weather forecasts to radical Sunni sites.

It is not odd for me to scan six or seven military sites, newspapers from several countries, a dozen blogs, and then pour over the emails from the men and women serving in the War on Terror.

I catch myself listening in on political conversations and have to stop myself short of correcting misguided individuals. Well, sometimes I have to speak up… Can’t help myself. Some people only know what the local news tells them.

So……. as to not drive my family and friends off the deep end, I am looking for distractions from the war. Not that I want to forget about the dangers my son faces. I merely want to give him a sane home to come back to.

This will be a challenge as Mr. J has already crossed a few things from my list.

1.) No more trips to the bayou in search of gators. No more accidentally enticing the gators to come closer by tossing them shrimp. No more pushing down small children to distract the advancing gators. (OK, the last one did not happen!)

2.) No more swimming in the gulf when sharks sitings are high. The same goes for surf fishing. Blah, blah, blah…

3.) No more using paint thinner in the bathroom to strip the paint off the cabinets. Something bothers Mr. J. about finding me all glassy-eyed. I would have opened a window if we had one in that room. Jeeeeeeze!

4.) No playing with the logs that are burning in the fireplace, even if I think it is cool watching the flames lick out at me.

5.) No more taking the dogs for walks in ‘crack’ neighborhoods. (OK, I agree with this one … but the others are a bit harsh)

No sky diving, bungy jumping, or cave exploring. The last was added all because I was once bit by something and my face decided to swell up. Big deal.

I mean, what is a Mom to do. Knitting, would keep my hands busy, but I will have to say no for two reasons. The finished product would be unrecognizable and my mind would be left to wander.

I tried baking … sent off boxes of baked goodies. Problem is I also ate boxes of goodies. I can’t afford to put on any more cookie pounds.

I bought a couple exercise DVDs and have come to the conclusion that Billy Blanks is a sadist. Seriously. That man wants to hurt me!

I am open to suggestions … tired of crossword puzzles and solitaire, I am about as artsy-crafty as a 5 year old, and TV is growing tiresome.

Oh poor me…  

I just had a thought… Mr. J said nothing about repelling. Hmmmmm.

This site looks like a great place to start.  http://www.jaguarpaw.com/repelling.shtml 


4 Responses to Distractions from War

  1. Tracy says:

    hmmmmmm do you like to read? Reading always gets me to forget troubles b/c when I read, I am really concentrating on the book and forget about myself. BUT, you would have to restrict yourself to fiction and non-fiction that is NOT war related!

    Shopping? Mr. J. might want to shoot me for that suggestion LOL

    If I think of anything else, I’ll stop by again :o)

  2. cavmom says:

    Thanks Tracy, I do read an occasional novel. Picking up a few more after work ands looking for some good books to send out. As for the shopping….

    I start out on track and end up looking for items that ship well. I go to the store in search of a blouse and end up picking up socks and boxers for my son. When I get groceries, my cart is half full of jerky, Little Debbies snacks, and powdered Gatorade.

    I need a distraction that will force my mind to be on overload, totally blanking out IED’s for a short while.

  3. Harry says:

    see my blog distractions of war. soon to be on my blog site on outofiraq2day

  4. cavmom says:

    I would love to read it! Please send me the link. 🙂

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