Educating the Youth of America

Sleeping In Class

What are our children learning in school today? Do they understand the basics? Can they function as adults in the job force?

These questions are triggered by a recent search in various Houston stores for a video game. We have been looking for the video game “Final Fantasy XII.” Our on line searches during the Pre-Christmas rush drew blanks. Everyone was sold out. We wanted to send a copy to David.

So, we decided to do some in-store searching. At every store the question was asked in much the same manner:

“Do you have a copy of Final Fantasy twelve.”

“One moment and I will check the computer.” or “Let me check the back for you.”

They are always so helpful, so cheerful!


They always come back with the same response, “Sorry we do not have that version available.”

Well, we were going thru the same song and dance at Circuit City. Thankfully, a knowledgeable manager overheard our request.

When the clerk responded with the much dreaded, “Sorry” the manager stepped in and stated, “Yes, we do. There are three copies in the back.”

The clerk was miffed and asked the manager why they did not show up on her computer. He had to explain to her that XII means twelve!

I guess that Roman Numerals are no longer taught in elementary school. We must be too busy teaching Johnny and Suzy TAS testing materials.


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