Mental Block

So much going on in the Middle East and I have decided to leave the uglies off for the most part. Today is just a little peice about nothing.

 I am sitting here with a pen and paper (for real) trying to think of something clever to write in a letter to my L’il Trooper. Alas, my mind has turned to mush.

Sitting here staring into space, I glance down at my wrist and begin slowly turning the beautiful silver bracelet. So simple, yet so elegant. A gift from my son, sent to me during his previous deployment.

Touching the bracelet, I say a silent prayer. I have no idea how many times thru the day I do that. Sometimes I touch the bracelet and ask David a question. “How you doing today, son?” “Are you staying warm?” “Are you getting enough sleep?” “Are you OK?”

All silent questions…. Hoping he can feel our love all the way from Texas.

Drumming my pen on the desk… Nothing exciting… Nothing new… Winter has hit South East Texas and Houston almost shut down. It is so funny. Merely talking of ice has crippled the city.

Growing up in Northern Wyoming, I saw snow banks that were over the tops of the cars. They still kept the schools open. Here in Houston, the possibility of ice and everything slows to a crawl.

Let me see what else….. Dogs are missing you. No one else to growl at…

It must be the gray skies……… My mind is as bleak as the weather.  

I did find a short funny… Enjoy, while I get back to my letter writing.


3 Responses to Mental Block

  1. Tracy says:

    LOL at the video!!

    I live in WI (and grew up here) and spent a few years in Northern Minnesota (close to the Canadian border!) so I, too, have to laugh when my friend in Maryland tells me that her kids school is cancelled b/c they are calling for RAIN and it’s in the 30’s. bwahahahahahahaha It took a Blizzard to close down school this year! It takes a lot to shut downa city. Even in that blizzard my hubby went to work.

    Thanks for the smile.

    I’ll be praying for your Lil Trooper (and his parents!)

  2. Layla says:

    What a touching post and the video made me laugh! My heart goes out to you and David and I will keep you both in my prayers. Your suggestion for this weeks Wednesday hero is a reminder of the sacrifice all make in the military, they are all heroes. But the Mom’s and Dad’s sometimes are forgotten and to me you are all heroes too. Not just for supporting your sons and daughters in Iraq, but for raising such wonderful children that are the reflection of you.

    I will be including you in my blogroll hun! You have a marvelous blog here and I will be back.

    Thank you.

  3. cavmom says:

    Hey Tracy, I feel bad for laughing… We had a fatality on the highways this moring on the way to work. 😦

    Layla, thank you for the kind words. I am stepping over to check out your site!

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