Tanker Brothers RVF

I have mentioned in earlier posts that I part of Tanker Brothers Rolling Victory Fast.  Several people have picked a day to fast (giving up food for just that day). Dedicating their fast to a special person or group, who is fighting the War on Terror.

Oft times we pick a Hero who has given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Other times we pick a Father, a Brother, an Aunt, a Grandfather, a Friend… Who has served this country in the past and inspires a Nation.

Last night I was sitting and thinking about my son and the guys in his unit. They have a very strong bond, looking out for each other like brothers.

How much relief I feel knowing they have each other’s backs 24/7.

This led me into a feeling of thankfulness for the leadership of his unit. The responsibility of the men under your command, must be a very heavy burden. Each and every C.O. bears the weight of all the men. For he knows that the families back home are depending on him to lead with wisdom and courage.

Today I am fasting for the Commanding Officers ~ 

the Sergeants, the Captains, the Generals…

and all those in between.

 May they continue to guide our young men and women with a steady hand.

Last night I got this message from the father of a 1st Cav Soldier and wanted to also fast for his son’s unit:

Got a call from out daughter in law last night.The 4th BCT took a hard hit while conducting cordon ops in Mosul and 4 members of the brigade were KIA by an IED with an additional 100 WIA.We do know that our oldest son WAS NOT one of the KIA, but with the number of WIA which resulted from the IED, we’re not sure what his status is.

I have since found out that his son was watched over by his Guardian Angel!

My resolve is strong. We shall continue to support you, our Warriors, while you fight the War on Terror abroad!


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