The Lies We Tell

“You look great in those jeans!”

“You are the best cook ever!”

“I will always love you the most!”

We often slip in a little white lie, not to hurt, but to protect the feelings of others.

…And those of us on the receiving end understand. Dinner was not the best, but someone loves us enough to try to shelter us.

“I am not in any danger over here. It is very quiet and boring. I love your brownies!” (OK, the last one I will continue to believe. )

I try to believe the other stories my son tells me because life would be so much easier if that were the truth. Yet, I know deep down in my heart, that he is in danger. I know…

Now back to the one that my L’il Trooper told me when he was 5, “I will always love you most!” Hmmmmm… I think I will continue to believe this one too!

Now I must quickly decide just what is an appropriate gift to send a son for Valentine’s Day. Something that says I love you too and I think you are a fantastic son.

maybe a tank

or a jeep

Chocolate of course… or perhaps some boxers

Because nothing says, “You are a wonderful son” quite like a pair of boxers.

Gosh David, There is no gift that adequately tells you that I am so proud of you. No gift that shows how much we love you.

Unless something jumps out at me at the store tonight, you will have to feel our love when you eat some more of my awesome brownies. (you know, the same ones that you tell me are so good… The brownies that probably could break your teeth by the time they arrive)

For those who are looking to send out a Valentine’s message to our men and women who are away from home, here is a good link: 


2 Responses to The Lies We Tell

  1. Leta says:

    PLEEEEEEEEEEASE tell me where you found the chocolate tank. I want to send a couple to MG and CT. You can email me at Thanks a BILLION!

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