Friday’s Good News (part one)


Part one of Friday’s Good News was sent to me by

 Ronin at doctor bulldog

When White River Junction, Vt., VA Medical Center Optometry Service health technician Carol Mxxxxxxx emailed her brother Major Jeff Mxxxxxxx that her co-workers were preparing a to send him a “care package” for the holidays, he quickly replied with thanks, but asked them to make it a care package for the local school he was helping establish near Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan where he is stationed with the U.S. Army. So Optometry Service switched gears and gathered school supplies and warm clothes for the school’s students. A large shipment of pens, pencils, soccer balls, hats, gloves, mittens, notebooks and many other items was soon on its way. Major Mxxxxxxx sent back pictures of the students unloading the supplies, trying on their warm coats and displaying big smiles. He said it made him miss his own children all the more but would help a lot of kids get on with their lives.

By Capt. Chris Sanchez
4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment
YUSUFIYAH, Iraq — Soldiers of the 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (LI) receive attention for their rapid air assaults and fierce fighting. But in the village of Rushdi Mullah, Iraq, they are now also known for their tenderness toward local children.

Soldiers of Company B, 4-31st at Patrol Base Rushdi Mullah were visited by two young boys seeking medical help Dec. 25. One of the boys, Ra’ad, had been shot several weeks before when terrorists wanted to use his family’s house to attack the patrol base. When Raad’s father refused them entry, one of the terrorists shot the boy.

The Soldiers treated Ra’ad after the attack and transported him to Ibn Sina Hospital in Baghdad’s International Zone, and have been changing the dressings on his wounds regularly ever since. They changed the dressings again on Christmas, and also treated Ra’ad’s brother, Ahmed, for a skin rash affecting the boy’s scalp. But assistance to the children of Rushdi Mullah didn’t stop there.

“The Soldiers of 4-31 care a great deal for the people of Rushdi Mullah,” said Capt. Christopher Vitale, a native of Washington, Penn., and commander of Co. B. “They have gathered donations and provided soccer cleats and other equipment for the children of the town out of their own pockets.”

The people of Rushdi Mullah have responded to this act of generosity by providing tips to the Soldiers on terrorist activities, forging a strong relationship with benefit to all involved.

(pictures provided are of our guys in the 4/9 Cav)

Just a suggestion when sending our men and women care packages, put a little extra in for the children, who are caught in the middle of the war.          


One Response to Friday’s Good News (part one)

  1. brat says:

    Thank you for this one – when I see our troops with the kids it always reminds me that many of them have left their OWN kids whike they are depoloyed, so that other kids may know the freedoms we so take for granted.

    THIS brat (a mum too!) will always be forever grateful to every one of our troops… and keeping their children in my prayers.. Bless them all…..

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