Why I Support the Troops

The answer is obvious. I support the troops because my son is in the Army. Yet, it goes so much deeper than that. Take the time to know a person serving this country, and you too will understand.

From Wally, one tough Marine who is currently serving our country:

“…they [those who support the troops] give me the heart to stride forward everyday, the friendship, understanding and even sometimes a rude awakening, but they most of all, give me Hope….  This is my Home as well as America is my Country!!!  I live for nothing else but to give back to that which gave all to me.  My words are free to use, as my life is free to give.

God, Country, Corps
Semper Fidelis
0369 / Active”

From Master Gunner at Tanker Brothers,  and AD Soldier with the 1st Cav:

“I was thinking about the huge contradiction in our culture as Americans, about a nation founded on courage and loyalty, and the cries to run away like frightened children. And I was perplexed at the huge disparity between the thousands and thousands of US Soldiers who want to stay and fight, and a loud segment of the American public who no longer supports our efforts.

Look… we understand that 3000+ deaths is a tragedy. We know that. No one feels it more than we do. We see our friends die, right up close at times. We live next to people who may not be making it back with us. And we feel a bond that is arguably closer than blood ties and genetics. We have a bond of courage under fire, of survivors of extreme situations, who keep coming back for more?

So why does the American Soldier, who feels the sting of War more than anyone else, grind it out here in
Iraq? Why don’t they just opt out or reenlisting? Why, back at home station, do they reenlist to stay with units who are already confirmed to be on orders to deploy back to

I know there is a huge stereotype of the US Soldier, propagated by certain politicians, as a lumbering brute who lacks any higher education or even the common sense to get himself out of a bad situation. We’re painted as simple, brutal, and oafish. But the fact of the matter is that we’re exactly not those things.

So why do we stay? Why do we continue to fight? Why do we beg and plead for politicians to stay out of the conduct of war, and for them to untie our hands and let us take the fight to the enemy? What is “wrong” with the US Soldier?

Simple: Strength.

The “Army Strong” campaign emphasizes many different strengths exhibited by US Soldiers (and come to think of it, all Soldiers in the Coalition), but personally, the one I value the most is the strength of character. I think I have mentioned before the words I try to drill in everyone’s head: “Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Especially when no one is looking.” The best way I can explain to you why Soldiers want to see this fight out all the way to the end?

The Warrior Ethos.

  1. I will always place the
    Mission first.
  2. I will never accept defeat.
  3. I will never quit.
  4. I will never leave a fallen comrade.

See… “Cutting and Running” is completely against the character of the Soldier. We don’t “do” cut and run. We fight, and we visit violence on the Enemy.

We are the greatest Army on the face of the Earth, the greatest Army ever assembled by any government or nation.

When the power of our military is unleashed on an enemy, he is destroyed wherever he may be. We fight in all conditions, from the winter siege at Bastogne and the Woods of Foy, to the searing deserts of the Middle East. And we win.

But you have to give us that chance.

So… maybe we’re not the ones that are screwed up. Maybe it’s not the US Soldier that’s wrong. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the “enlightened” political elite who have it all wrong. Maybe victory is not only possible, but likely.

And maybe, just maybe, Victory is not only likely… but certain.

In the eyes of the US Soldier (and Coalition Soldiers as well), there’s no “maybe” about it. We have thousands and thousands of bad guys “pushin’ up the daisies” to prove it…

Just a thought: look at it from our point of view.

… and “Why I Serve” by Maj. Gen. J.D. Thurman:

defense link 

“There are 10 divisions in the Army and I have the honor to command one. Being with soldiers and being out there making a difference in the world, that’s why I serve. The most precious thing we have are the sons and daughters of this country and I am proud to serve with them.”

It is the words and actions of our American Soldiers and Marines that prompt my unwavering support. As the Major General stated in the interview ~ “…the liberties and freedom we enjoy are not free.”

I will forever support those who are fighting for our freedoms!


3 Responses to Why I Support the Troops

  1. brat says:

    AMEN!!! That is what I always remember: These are our sons and our daughters, sacrificing so much for each of us….How can we not support them ALL? I am honoured to know many of them, and you, the military families who also serve the cause. Thank you.Thank you..

  2. Nelly says:

    And that is why I, as German support the Troops: As German I can’t join the US Army myself, I’d need a Greencard, BUT I can step up and serve those who serve to make a difference 🙂

  3. cavmom says:

    Such sweet words from two fantastic Troop supporters! Those who support our men and women are just as important as the Warriors themselves.

    Ya’ll Rock!

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