Friday’s Good News

A story of the military taking care of thier own.  

Sent to me from Ronin of Doctor Bulldog

Navy Seabees based in Gulfport, Miss., have been busy bees at the Biloxi  VA Medical Center. The 133 Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB)  built a new fishing pier at the medical center to replace one destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

The fishing pier was an important landmark at the medical center used for fishing and other programs and as a daily
gathering spot for patients. The 300-foot pier, on the Back Bay behind the main buildings, was originally built by Seabees in 1994.

More than 100 patients, staff, and Seabees attended a January ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new pier. The Seabees started the replacement project in July and saved VA more than $50,000 in rebuilding costs.

The 133 NMCB Seabees deploy to Africa next month but have an open invitation to fish from the pier when they return.


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