My Tanker Brothers RVF Dedication

Today I am dedicating my fast to a very special Wounded Warrior at Ft Sam Houston.

I have been asked not to share his full name or unit…

But, John and his wife have been thru a great deal the past three weeks. To say I am impressed with his wonderful spirit would not even come close. This man is amazing! A true leader among men. I will share a piece of his email:

I was incredibly fortunate; when the grenade landed the soldier serving as my personal security threw me to the ground and covered me up thus preventing the brunt of the blast from hitting me and literally saving my life.  …. … We’ve heard so many different estimates and timelines for return, but all of the doctors have said I will be able to return to the troop that I miss so much. 

The best estimates we’ve seen put me back in 2-3 months (April/May), but only time will tell at this point. 

While the many surgeries and poking and prodding were painful, laying in a hospital bed for the last three weeks knowing the 97 other soldiers of  ***** (deleted for security reasons)  were still facing dangers day in and day out without me far outweighs the pain described above. 

I literally cannot wait to return.  


… And this is why I support the troops.

Their sacrifices to this country are unequaled.

God Bless the Men and Women who fight the War on Terror ,

so that we can remain free!



Please check out the Gathering of Eagles  on March 17th. I want to be there so bad it hurts. Alas, my dear sweet hubby will not allow me to sell a kidney to finance the trip. I swear that man is trying WAY to hard to keep me grounded.

(From the OTHER Cindy…Speaking of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial)

“It’s not your wall…it’s our wall.

We will be there because we are not afraid of filth spewing morons.

We will be there because we don’t want anyone else to die. We are not fooling ourselves thinking that the soldiers over there want to be there…because we know they don’t

We will be there because we know that the Iraqis don’t want to be killed by the hundreds of thousands for Bloody George.

We will be there because Bloody George is out of control and spewing more filth.

You rightests will be there because you are freedom hating cowards. You rightests will be there because you want 58,000 names on an Iraqi War Memorial.

You rightests will be there because you want to prove how weak America is by invading small, weak countries and getting its ass kicked.

You will be there because you are bullies like your draft dodging filthy leaders, Dick and George.

We are not afraid of you. We will be peaceful if there is any trouble it will be from you.

Peace & Love
Cindy (that would be Ms Sheehan… the leader of the Loones)


One Response to My Tanker Brothers RVF Dedication

  1. Aussie_Chic says:

    Uggghhh, where does it end?? Or more to the point…. Does it end??

    Who kills Iraqi Civillians?? Where the hell do idiots like Sheehan get off calling OUR Soldiers murderers?? I mean, isn’t that what she is doing?? The President sure as hell isn’t doing any killing so that would mean she is referring to the people who are actually there. Is this woman truly stupid enough to cal her own son a murderer??

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