Catching up…

I have been out for a bit. I caught a bug. Not a lady bug or a fire fly… a lovely flu type bug.

I have discovered that neither Entomology nor Influenza are for me. (as intriguing as their names might appear.)

Today I made my RVF Dedication to my very own L’il Trooper. You can read it over at Tanker Brothers 

(Yes, he really is that AWESOME!)

Also today I would like to honor a very special Marine… She often goes by the title “My Favorite Marine” here on my blog. From Sharon…

General Abizaid’s change of command (COC) with Admiral Fallon is this Friday.  It is a huge ordeal for a couple of reasons, one being that it is a first time that the Navy will be in command during war.  The SECDEF, Robert Gates will be in attendance and speaking.

The formation for the COC will consist of platoons from every service, the Coalition, Horn of Africa, Multi National Force-Iraq, Combined Joint Force Task Force 82 (Afghanistan), Djibouti and other elements under CENTCOM.  I was chosen to be the Commander of Troops (COT) for the Marines of MARCENT – the only female of all (COTs) and one of two LtCols; all others are Colonels.  (I can hold the billet because of my recent selection).

I’m telling you this because there is a chance that it will be seen (not the entire event) on Fox or CNN.  So, if you get a chance to catch any of the news on Friday and hear about the COC you might get to see parts of the historic event.


I am so excited for her that I had to pass it on. Sharon, you are a true inspiration to many. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to watching history in the making.

LTC Sharon Jacko with GEN Abizaid!


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