One More Example of A Job Well Done!

Sharla, the wonderful wife of one of our very own 4-9 Troopers, sent me the following video. It shows the good that is going on in Iraq thanks in great part to our Crazy Horse Troops! The video, I believe falsely gives props fully to the Troop Surge.

We all happen to know our guys were cleaning it up prior to the arrival of the other units….

I am not moaning and groaning over this minor technicality… Just want to make sure everyone knows who stepped in and took care of BUSINESS!

Our Cav Men ROCK!

The Surge is Working

Someone needs to send this to Michael Ware at CNN. He said an American could not walk the streets in Baghdad. The reporter shown, Terry McCarthy, was not even wearing body armor as he stood in the street eating ice cream.

We know the war is far from over, but the nay sayers need to sit up and take notice of the changes being made daily!


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