The War on Terror is on Hold

Do to circumstances here on the home front it has become necessary to put a freeze on the War.

There will be no more bombs, no IEDs, no terrorists sniper activities, nor any form of Middle East unrest. No rumors of attacks, No grenades tossed at police stations, no raping, no pillaging.

I expect your full cooperation in aforementioned activities.

Rules will be strictly enforced by David’s stateside buddy. (Yes, David he loves you… He is merely testing you with the growl)

I am sorry if these orders cause any undo stress or inconveniences.

However, do to the nature of my L’il Troopers concern for his buddies in Iraq, there will be no negotiating of said freeze.

I will notify all when it will be to acceptable to proceed with attacks as previously planned.

In the mean time, please enjoy this short reprieve … We are!


4 Responses to The War on Terror is on Hold

  1. Leta says:

    OK, it’s official – he’s HOT HOT HOT!!! Thanks for sharing the photos. More than happy to oblige the temporary cease fire!

    HAVE fun and, even though he is a grown man – LOTS of HUGS!!!!

  2. cavmom says:

    Thanks Leta! We can’t stop the hugs once they grow up. We just reach up to hug now!

  3. Terri says:

    Just tell him to relax and enjoy his time at home, away from all the stress over there. He’s earned it! Tell him that we’re PROUD OF HIM, and of course give hi hugs from us too!

  4. Tracy says:

    I’m so glad you have your Li’l Trooper home for awhile!! 😀

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