I am dedicating my RVF fast to the fabulous Warriors of the 4-9 Cav whom I have had the pleasure to learn a great deal of in the past few days. It seems these men can turn any day, any event, any moment into an adventure – a challenge.

They take great pride in their assignments, facing each day as a chance to show each other that they cannot only succeed, but also excel.

I was under the false impression that it is only my L’il Trooper who is extremely competitive. I have watched videos and heard the tales. These men do not accept the term failure. (or even second best)

Not only do they strive to be the best, they are also men of their word.

Some of you may remember me pestering my son for a particular picture. He made me a promise to give me “the Picture” if I sent him a few items.

Well…. Here it is. My L’il Trooper, showing the world he is not above showing a silly side in order to keep his word.

(check out the socks!!!)

Only a very strong person would allow himself to be photographed in this hot outfit. The weak would be laughed into Syria.


13 Responses to My RVF

  1. Tracy says:

    I FINALLY have the post up at Tanker Brothers. Sorry it was so late!!

    I am still chuckling over that outfit. Your David sure has a great sense of humor!!

  2. brat says:

    Yep – wonder where he gets that sense of humour from? NOT!!

    I always stand with you – and David!


  3. cavmom says:

    I was planning on sending you my fast info on Tuesday. I am glad I waited because he just gave me the pics and videos yesterday!

    Yes, Brat… our house would drive the timid crazy! 😀 You have to stay on your toes.

  4. Vince Vitale says:

    OK, I always said it took big ones to be in the Cav, but this is above and beyond!! Only for a Mom. Have a good leave David.

  5. cavmom says:

    If you know my son, you know I will pay… But the picture stays as does the smile it brings me!

  6. Aussie_Chic says:

    Ummm, he’s gonna have to put some pants on before we head out to dinner!

    Great pic!!

  7. matt the maintncman says:

    Whats wrong with spongebob??
    He’s COOL ! after all ,Life is a beach!
    Although i do think David should have been weilding a jellyfish net to really top it off…

  8. Terri says:

    I love it! Sounds & looks like he’s got pretty much the same sense of humor that Marty does. Must be a 1st Cav thing. LOL!

  9. cavmom says:

    I do believe it is a 1st Cav thing!

    Sorry A_C, but pants appear to be optional. 😀

    Matt, I will keep an eye out for a jellyfish net to send him. That and one of those cool wrestling masks from Nacho Libre. He will then have a complete outfit!

    Oh, and maybe a cape!

  10. yankeemom says:

    OK, if I can’t have this one for a son-in-law, I want one very much like him!!!

  11. Za says:

    Glad to hear your son’s back and in good health.

  12. Za says:

    Oh, and I forgot to ask – Mum would like to know what his name is so she can pray for him when he goes back (feel free to email me about it, we can get some prayer exchange going). 🙂

  13. cavmom says:

    Za ~ Please tell your Mum that I really appreciate the prayers she is offering for my son David. I will send you out an email.

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