It is Hard…

I received the following  pictures from the wife of a 4-9 Cav Trooper.

I had to choke back the tears as I read the captions.

It is so easy to take everyday life for granted.

So easy to get caught up in petty woes.

So easy to forget the daily sacrifices of our Warriors.

Today I would like to pause and reflect on all the good in my life…

… And thank the Warriors past and present.

Without the service of the men and women in our Armed Forces, my petty woes would be consumed with matters much more dire.

Today, as I skip my bagels and cream cheese, my chicken salad sandwich, my steak and potatoes … and the many snacks in between…

I will take a moment to thank those who serve. 

Each time my tummy twinges I will remember the comforts of my air conditioning, the luxury of my family and friends close by, the freedom to get up and walk outside without first grabbing a helmet.

*** HUGS***

Thank you for your service!!!

God Bless our Men and Women who are in the service of our country!


13 Responses to It is Hard…

  1. Tracy says:

    Great post PCMom!! We don’t often stop and think about how hard it is for them to come home.

  2. brat says:

    Thank you….thank you…

  3. yah… hard to be a soldier’s mom… or a spouse… thanks…

  4. Aussie_Chic says:

    Wow, if that didn’t move you, it’s time to move to the left of sanity.

    That was just beautiful and so true. I often talk about My soldiers taking the time to listen to me and hear my problems despite their own. When you see thiings like this it shows the type of friendships you can develop with these people. That they can go through all this and still think of me and remember things we have discussed and ask about them makes them just awesome.

    The Soldiers have taught me the true meaning of friendship, sacrifice and honour.


  5. CavMom says:

    It is beautiful isn’t it! 🙂

    (Aussie… some of us have stepped away from the sanity side of the line long, long ago)

  6. Hi CavMom! Awesome post! Nice to “meet” another military mom. 🙂

  7. Ronin says:

    I was asked earlier today what I missed about Military service my answer was “my buddies”. Most of you saw bravery, suffering, commitment and struggle it was all but more importantly it showed the best our nation has to offer. It proves this generation like others before it remains committed to improving the lives of others while protecting ours and risking theirs.

  8. Terri says:

    How fantastic! I think it should be sent to all of the idiots at 1U as well as every single politician. So very moving and very true.

    Semper Fi Mom, welcome! I’m a military mom and significant other as well. It’s nice to be among you all. ((((Hugs))))

  9. cavmom says:

    Welcome Semper Fi Mom! You will find that many who stop in for a visit have either family in the Military or are supportive of our Warriors. You are all family in here.

  10. cavmom says:

    Ronin ~ Thanks for the smile. Your modesty is amazing.

    Those who step up and serve, no matter the capacity of their position, are a breed above. I do not idolize our Warriors, but I do respect their sacrifices.

    The integrity of those in the service help to counter my doubts of the future of our nation.

    ***Contrary to my husband’s claims, I am not a groupie. I am merely a Rah-Rah Cheerleader for the best team on the field.***

  11. CavMom and Terri, thanks for the welcome! I love being a part of the big extended military family. 🙂 And CavMom, thanks for signing our guestbook. If you don’t mind, I’m going to add you to our blogroll.

  12. cavmom says:

    Don’t Mind??? I would be honored!

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