Answer to My L’il Trooper’s Question

I had a fabulous chat on the phone with my L’il Trooper and was informed that he is aware of my nonessential Cav-Mommy posts, some of which show fantastic pictures of said L’il Trooper in his youth.

I am eternally grateful that he is much too busy to read thru the entire blog and has not stumbled upon the SpongeBob post.

How is a Mom to brag about, share my joys and pains, and thoroughly embarrass her child if the same said child is checking in?

Not to worry, I have found that by living in a state of oblivion … being quick to forget that which might cause me discomfort … I am able to post with reckless abandonment.

All the while, sending out hugs.

And son, I have thought about your question. I am not afraid to run for City Council, for Mayor, or even for Governor. I am however, slightly skeptical of the States’ ability to understand my wit. In a politically correct society, I fall significantly short.

My tendency to call a dumbass a dumbass will surely give my opponents a leg up on the mudslinging fest that ensues the political battle field.

Be assured, I am not afraid of mud. It makes for a fantastic facial. I am also not afraid of hearing people spew uglies about my views.

My main concern with the political world and joining forces in the ring, would be the attacks from those who lack morals. The attacks in the direction of my beautiful family.

If they choose to toss a little mud at me, heck even if they fling it by the buckets, I would let it slide to the ground where it belongs. However, I fear the mud would also be splattered on the innocents in my life.

 Those around me are a tough breed, but do they deserve to be fed to the political wolves?

I will not dismiss your questions without an honest look inward. However, I will be completely honest in stating that I prefer to poke the bear from the comforts of my keyboard.


It is hard to move out of a comfort zone.  


4 Responses to Answer to My L’il Trooper’s Question

  1. Cavmom,

    If he ever discovers the spongebob underwear, just let him know that my wife thought it was cute, and now she makes me wear spongebob underwear to bed…

  2. cavmom says:

    I am sure it will ease the ribbing when I remind him that he is a trend-setter!

  3. didyouseethis says:

    Of course, there is that whole wedding that was planned over at TB! (Hope I didn’t let the cat out of the bag on that one!)

  4. cavmom says:

    Oh man, I forgot the wedding plans! Should I tell him that an invite has already been sent out to his future wife?

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