Sending out a Call for Help!

I just received this news via the internet Hot-Line. (thanks Brat)

Spree over at  Wake up America is asking for all of us to step up and show our Veterans that we stand proudly behind them. Please read her post and see what you can do from your corner of the web.

From her post:

    In Beeville Texas a war memorial honoring veterans killed in four separate wars, was destroyed.

    (Hat Tip to Bob for the email)
That memorial once stood as five granite panels, with the names of 45 veterans who lost their lives, paying the ultimate sacrifice. But Tuesday, the memorial lies in pieces at the city’s maintenance yard.

Local veterans said they’re not sure when the memorial was vandalized. They say it looks like someone took their car and just rammed into it. The memorial was erected in 1989 and residents there said they’re devastated by it’s vandalism, because it’s more than just rock – it’s a symbol of freedom.

“This particular war memorial has World War I, World War II, Korean and Vietnam. And so it has quite a bit of names,” Vietnam War veteran Ram Chavez said.

Now, veterans there are asking for help from anyone who can help raise the money to replace and repair that memorial.

Please help spread the word. Let’s get the new Memorial Built!


3 Responses to Sending out a Call for Help!

  1. spree says:

    Thank you, added thanks on the page to you and am showing this to the GOE at the forums also.

    It is good to see great people like you are out there.

  2. War Memorial Destroyed: HELP Needed

    This is not a political issue, it is not a Republican nor Democratic issue, we may all disagree about Iraq, but I see Republicans and Democrats alike claiming they support our troops, I see people saying they honor our veterans…. so let us do so.

  3. cavmom says:

    Spree ~ This country is full of great people. Many are doing wonderful things without any recognition. All the while, the loud noise from the defeatist grabs the headlines.

    I am so thankful that the internet allows us to work behind the scenes and accomplish so much good!

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