Honoring our Veterans

With this being Military Appreciation Month, I would like to dedicate today to our Veterans. There is so much I would like to say about those who served in past wars. Those who received an angry reception when they returned home, those who stood up and served with pride. And yet my words fall sadly short.

May we as a nation never again betray those who fight for our freedoms.

With special permission from Gary Jacobs, a Vietnam Veteran, I would like to share a beautiful poem he has written:

by Gary Jacobson © 2002

Remember all the boys who loyal valor wore
Just doing their duty in times of direful war
Who the mantel of heroes bore.
Remember boys who fought humanity’s good fight
Who battled, stouthearted and bold, for right.
Worship at their alter of liberty
That the flower of youth in finest hour’s nobility
Will live on in cherished memory…

Remember these holy vessels by our father’s sanctified
Sent to war with pomp and ceremony glorified
Bearing terrible sword’s of swiftest lightning
A valiant place in annals of history earning
For age shall not defeat them
Assailing enemies no longer have power to condemn
These grandest princes of freedom found
Those who honor bring to hallowed ground…

Remember boys standing straight and standing tall
Who in heed to battle’s raucous call
Gave the greatest gift of life, their all…
Heroes journeying the dimming pit’s of Hellish strife
Who fought for a country they loved more than life.
Trumpets now sound plaintive, sad refrains
Shedding tears in innocent eyes still feeling pains
Grown silent now a protester’s blames.

As rivers of tears flow from a generation’s eyes
A nation for her lost youth cries…
Remember loving boys who saw too much
Just sons, husbands, fathers, who’ve done too much
Contending with bastions of hate in cankered mire
To the grandest precepts of manhood inspire
Just ordinary boys standing up against despots
Lionhearted men, Freedom’s brave zealots.

With noble courage still, they silently cry
What from our sacrifice have you learned, they sigh?
For what meaning did we die
Preserving grand liberty for you and me?
Standing on the bank of heaven’s river, can’t you see
From sea to shining sea?
We’ve given up the good times
Fallen forever mid discordant rhymes.

Will you this day in honor remember
Within your heart hold dear this glowing ember
Men revered of the highest caliber?
Remember warriors who fight for a gallant cause
Forevermore without question or pause
Who yield this land of milk and honey’s berth
Ever defiant of evil to gain peace on earth
That God’s precept of brotherhood find new birth!

Award us in this hour thy dauntless approbation.
Remember always our revered brotherly union.
Remember our souls in heroes air rarified.
Remember those who for divine precepts died
By ragged scars of death purified
Men no longer from the season of fear hidden
By the world’s cares driven.
For those who’ve fallen, no longer weep
For in their purest soul cares keep…

Grant this soldier’s last prayer…never forget!
Now and forever keep fires of freedom lit
A pièce de résistance by unflagging perseverance fit!
Remember, so our struggle might not have been in vain.
Sing our battle cry of freedom’s impassioned strain.
Remember, that we may ever in spirit be with you.
Remember, to thoughts of loss and death eschew.
Remember, to love us now, as we love you…

Thank you Gary.

Each time I visit your site my eyes fill with tears and my heart swells with gratitude.

I ask everyone to take some time to read Gary’s other poems.

(They are much more moving with the music he has playing in the background.)

Take some time to look at the pictures and sign his guest book.

Nam Tour <- Click to navigate to his sight 

Most of all, take a few moments to thank those who have fought for us over the years.

As the day goes on today, I will add the words from a few other Veterans.


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