Words from a Vet…

With permission I am going to share a few words from the letter of an early 60’s era Veteran. Out of respect for his privacy his name will be omitted.

Before I share, I would like to commend “Mr. K” for stepping up and helping a fellow Soldier.

Mr. K shows what is meant by “We take care of our own.”

He has taken many opportunities to help the Soldiers in many ways, not the least of which is his participation in Soldier’s Angels. I will not embarrass him by posting details… I just want him to know how much us parents back home appreciate all he has done.

Thank you sincerely Mr. K.

Although you are much too modest to allow me to put your picture on the Soldiers Wall, your continued service to our Troops does not go unnoticed.

Now on to the letter…

I’m a draftee from the 1962-1964 era. While I was serving in Germany; the Viet Nam war was heating up but not on the media radar yet. I had a recruiter come out to me while I was on guard duty to offer me a 1 grade bump to SP5 (Sergeant level) to reup for Viet Nam. We were to be “advisers”! (Kennedy was President)

When I got out, I was married with 2 children by that time. I was put on reserves and was on an “Ed leave” from my employer IBM. I was going to a small state college in Winona, MN: this was during the heat of the Viet Nam campus riots. Well, there was a bunch of ex-GIs like me and the students at Winona decided they were going to shut the school down!

We didn’t especially like that as we were paying our own way and needless to say, we were way on the other side of the issue. So we decided that we might have a little demonstration of our own! We all dressed in combat fatigues with “boots” well shines. The MPs brought their batons. Needless to say the students weren’t very happy but we just shoved them out of the way. The police were there, but they didn’t seem to mind that we were getting to class on time. The college was not shut down!

The media was there too. The interesting thing was that it never made the tv or paper! I guess the media didn’t think the public would be interested in a bunch of ex Soldiers that wanted to get an education more than a college shut down.

Now, I know Mr. K does not want special attention. However, I chose his words today because this is the same characteristic we find in our men and women in the military today. Those who serve our country during times of war as well as times of peace are what make us a Great Nation.

Thank you again Mr. K.  ~ You are truly a man among men! 

“In my generation this was just something that you just did as it was part of your being a citizen of this great country.”


One Response to Words from a Vet…

  1. Donna, Los Osos, Ca says:

    This is so amazing. And he’s right, the news never showed the other side. Can I echo your comment as well… Mr. K, you ARE a man among men! God bless you. Thank you.

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