A Story of Survival

Totally Unrelated to War…. This is a powerful story of a frog’s will to live! (yes, I said frog!)

It started as a sweet gesture by Mr. J. to surprise me with two more frogs for my aquarium.

Friday, I came home from work and was introduced to the new members of the family, Lenny and Squiggy. Go ahead and laugh, I used to watch Laverne and Shirley… I admit it. I am hooked on goofy comedies, always have been always will be.

Back to Lenny and Squiggy ~ They are about half the size of their four tank mates. Therefore they will need to swim fast, and be aggressive to get the food before the bigger frogs devour it.

I have shamelessly ‘borrowed’ a picture from the Internet of a frog similar to mine. They are very entertaining to watch, especially at feeding time.

Now we will fast forward to Saturday about 10:00am. I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water and just about jumped thru the roof.

There was a frog in my sink! He looked very dry and rubbery. I thought he was stuck to the enamel. I reached down to flick him onto a paper towel so that I could dispose of his poor deceased body into the toilet.   

… When he hopped! He is just a baby and only the size of a dime. He could only hop about an inch at a time. But, he was pretty quick. I was finally able to trap him under a glass and deposit him in the aquarium. Looking around the tank I noticed that Lenny and Squiggy were still there. This new addition was a mystery.

… So, I made the call to Mr. J at work. “Um, Honey, why was there a frog in the sink?”

Mr. J. sounded so surprised, “He’s alive?” “I actually bought three frogs yesterday, but did not have the heart to tell you that I accidentally dumped one down the drain.”

I really wish he would have told me. I would not have washed the dishes (not once, but twice) in that sink! That little guy survived a warm sudsy bath and still managed to climb back into the sink. He is my Survivor.

Lessons learned from Legs  ~ Never give up, keep fighting, and pray that the powers that be, do not turn on the garbage disposal of life.


5 Responses to A Story of Survival

  1. vince vitale says:


  2. Laura says:

    I love that story and it is so true , the power of prayer !!!!!!! It was great.

  3. Leave it to one of God’s smaller creations to give us all an important lesson in life.

  4. cavmom says:

    Some of the best lessons can be gathered when watching God’s creatures and young children.

  5. courtney says:

    I love the Frog Stories! Keep them comin’ 🙂

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