Memorial Day: A Day for Memories not Exploitation

Please take a few minutes to read the Memorial piece written by Frank Antenori. He is a retired U.S. Army Sergeant First Class and Special Forces Soldier that saw combat in Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here is a small taste:

Ever since its inception 139 years ago by the Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, General John Logan, in his General Order No. 11; Memorial Day has symbolized the sacrifice of those many brave men and women who have fought and died so we could be free. I hope many will take a few moments from their day off of barbequing and watching baseball to appreciate what Memorial Day really stands for.

It’s an especially sacred day to those that have served in the military, particularly those that have served in combat and have lost close buddies in war.

However, for others, it now seems to have a different meaning. You see, there is someone that is running for President that has asked his supporters to use Memorial Day as an opportunity to protest the war in Iraq. Not only that, he is asking them to protest along side parade routes, at memorials and near cemeteries where traditional Memorial Day ceremonies will be held. I’m not going to bother to mention his name because I now consider him scum, not worthy of mentioning.

Memorial Day is very personal to me. It’s a day I reflect and remember my good friends and relatives who have died fighting so dirt bags like this guy who have never lifted a finger to defend this great country, never served under her flag and never broke a sweat let alone spilled a drop a blood to protect our fine Constitution, can exercise the rights he takes for granted. …

 (continued here)


3 Responses to Memorial Day: A Day for Memories not Exploitation

  1. Ugh, that John Edwards video is insane! I3O – Insanity in, Insanity out!!!!

    What a slime-ball!!! And, to think, I served in the Military so that a bloated sack of political feces like him could crap all over our President on Memorial day!

    Why would we want to pull out our troops when we are clearly winning this war??? Wouldn’t that be undermining all the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform have made against the Islamonazis???

    It’s just insanity!!!

  2. vince vitale says:

    Great posting – it looks at if Houston remembered what Memorial Day is all about

  3. cavmom says:

    All negative comments that were left on the video sight have been deleted. What a putz.

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