A Tanker Sister in the News!

Leta… aka… Super WomanTanker Sister Extraordinaire has again made the news!


Her is her email:

Good evening all.  I got a call at 3:30 this afternoon from Channel 24 (ABC) here in Memphis.  They wanted to come by and interview me about troop support at 4:30.  Geez…do these people realize I WORK and that I have piles of “stuff” all over the house for the troops?  Anyway, I piled everything on my bed and made the house “look” orderly by the time they got here.  Left some stuff out for the story.  I guess you’ll be able to watch it at (the link above is the news cliphttp://www.myeyewitnessnews.com/

Supposed to air at 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM Central time.

(It aired June 7th)

Talk about a difference (what a surprise) between what the reporter from Fox asked about and was interested in and what this mid 20s blonde bimbo wanted to know.  This reported had NO interest what so ever in reading any of the letters from troops, looking at photos, etc.  She did ask a lot of good questions I guess but…despite the fact that I told her repeatedly this was NOT to be about me but about what people can do to support the troops she kept going back to “me”.  NOT a good idea.

Then came the question I NEVER saw coming, “Is there anything the public should know that you’d like to tell them?”  Uh, did she REALLY ask me that question?  Away I went about  how the media always seems to report the negative information and nothing positive.  I gave specific examples.  I talked about the how the troops are re-enlisting in records numbers, too.  Anyway, at one point she interrupted me to tell me how the media has the responsibility to report the negative information as well as the postive.  I agreed with her and asked her WHEN they were going to begin reporting the positive?  I also mentioned that, while it was true that we lost 12 troops over the weekend, I wondered WHEN the media would EVER report WHO they were – that they had families, etc.  I asked her if she even knew WHERE to go to find that information.  Total silence.  I asked her if she realized how the negative reporting affects the troops?  How it is a kick in the gut?  I asked her to put herself in their shoes – to imagine that she was in Iraq or Afghanistan and from most media reports only got information that the very people she was over there to protect seemed not to give two hoots about her and what she was doing – how would she feel?  Again, silence.  It went on for about 15 minutes until she decided she had all of the information she needed and called it a wrap.

So……………who knows what the story will be but….I wasn’t going to back off and play dumb.  I DID mentioned http://www.anysoldier.com/ as well as Soldiers Angels and gave her both web addresses.

Freakin’ media.  Not sure I’ll do another one of these unless it’s FOX.  ARGH!!!!

Leta, don’t be upset. I had to share. You are fantastic!


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