HOOAH Cav Scouts in Iraq

I stumbled on this video this morning and wanted to share.


8 Responses to HOOAH Cav Scouts in Iraq

  1. yankeemom says:

    Gotta love the CAV guys!!!

  2. CavMom says:

    Well, I am kind of partial to them. 😉

  3. OT:

    RE – Your quest for information about Ul Fuqra training camps in the Houston Area:

    Islamic Society of Greater Houston property in Willis Texas north of Houston.


  4. cavmom says:

    Thanks Doc… They are too close for comfort. But, then anywhere in the world is too close.

  5. Nice video! Our boys are doing great work over there.

    God Bless um. 🙂

  6. cavmom says:

    knight ~ Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog!

  7. CavHooah says:

    Nice video! I am more of an Air Cav guy myself! I made a video of our unit flying the Kiowa Warrior helicopter in Iraq. You can find it on youtube if you search for cavhooah. I will also soon be heading back across the ocean. I am not looking forward to it, and neither is my wife or our four boys. This will make a “5” on my overseas service ribbon.

    Tell your son to keep his head down and keep his powder dry. If he ever finds himself surrounded, head for the high ground…we’ll meet him there! OUT FRONT!

  8. cavmom says:

    CavHooah ~ You have several good videos I posted one a few minutes ago.

    Hugs to you and your family. Be sure to drop me a line from time to time and let us know how you are doing. 🙂

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