Another Hero

With today being the day I like to spot-light our Heroes, I thought it fitting to tie in to the post on A Soldier’s Mind:

Close your eyes for a moment and attempt to place yourself in this scenario. You’re a member of an elite group in the US Armed Forces. You and your teammates (there’s just 4 of you) have been dropped into a remote and dangerous area and given the mission of finding and capturing or killing an enemy leader. But something goes wrong… terribly wrong. Suddenly you come across some locals, unarmed locals. Your team has a decision to make. Should you kill them? Doing so would go against military rules of engagement. Should you let them go and hope they didn’t alert the enemy to your presence? Imagine now that one of your teammates wanted to kill them, one wanted to let them go and the third chose not go vote one way or the other, so it was up to you to cast the deciding vote. What would you do? … click here to read the rest of the article written by Terri

(and to watch the taped interview with Marcus Luttrell by Matt Lauer of the Today Show)


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