06/15/07 GNF

On March 2nd of 2004 the White House Press released the following story:

Iraqis to Participate in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
Iraq Fact of the Day

Thousands of children throughout Iraq will soon be able to participate in an Iraqi Boy Scout and Girl Scout program.

The scouting initiative was launched recently with the backing of the World Scouting Organization, the Arab Scout Organization, and some 100 former scouters serving in Iraq.

The program will allow boys and girls of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds to join together in activities that promote good citizenship, community service, honor, and self-confidence.

Volunteer scouting was first introduced to Iraq in 1921 but was terminated during the Saddam Hussein era. The reestablishment of scouting signals a brighter future for Iraq’s youth and is another step forward in reconnecting Iraq with the world community.

Source: Coalition Provisional Authority, Baghdad

And now I have the following up-date from My Favorite Marine!

Below article reported last week during the Battle Update for Gen Patraeus:

“Last week, eleven girl scouts and their two adult leaders raised more than $2,600 during a Girl Scout cookie fundraising event at the Embassy in the International Zone, Baghdad. 

This was the first organized fundraiser with the girls sponsored by the Green Zone Council, which is made up of volunteers from the Government of Iraq, Department of State, Department of Defense, Coalition Forces and contractors. 

All funds raised will go toward summer camps with both boy and girl scouts.  Future events scheduled for the scouts include sports camps, swimming outings and overnight camping during two separate jamborees.  The jamborees will include scouts from throughout Baghdad!”

So, did anyone see this in their local papers?  I wish I could attach the photos I have on a slide from the Battle Update. 

Although it is unclassified, it came across on our Secret internet account and I can not transfer the file.  I’ll try and describe them. 

One slide shows several scouts at a table with an American Soldier, named General Patraeus, handing them money for a couple of boxes.  The girls are in a dark blue, long shirt, light blue, long sleeved shirt, some with a white traditional head scarf, some a ball cap, and all with a bright green GS kerchief around their neck! 

Oh, and the biggest smiles on their faces. 

Another photo is a group photo taken with the General (I’m not sure who has the biggest smile on this one), and the last is another group photo of just the scouts and their leaders taken outside in front of the Embassy. 

The scouts are saluting the Girl Scout salute and one is holding a large Iraqi flag, positioned on a large pole in the center of the group!

I am with LTC Jakco in asking, “Where are the media reports on this event?”

I will be searching the web for pictures. If you stumble across any, please share them with us. I did find this article: UK Times Online



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