Infidel Parrot’s prayer…

The following was posted by Infidel Parrot and I am reposting it here because I want to share  …

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the many ways you’ve blessed our young men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world.  May the ground always tremble under the steel ponies of the 1st Division Army Cav, may its Soldiers use restraint and mercy when it is possible, and may they serve justice upon their enemy when it is not.  Let the Banner of Liberty fly always, and may freedom one day ring where tyranny and fascism rule today.


A Note to our families back in the states: Be sure to kick out some extra letters to our Warriors stationed so far from home.

(Yes, David… even I am going to write one!)  Gosh, I will even use single spacing this time.

I just got off the phone with my wonderful, fantastic awesome, L’il Trooper. What can I say? I wish everyone could have a son as fabulous as mine.

(My Dear L’il Trooper, I am calling your bluff. Don’t make me call off the wedding plans!)


2 Responses to Infidel Parrot’s prayer…

  1. Cavmom,

    a.k.a. – Princess

    I’m glad to hear that your L’il Trooper finally answered that Bat Signal. My wife and I were getting worried about him.

    We will continue to keep you and your L’il Trooper in our prayers.


  2. CavMom says:

    Doc ~ Please tell us that you and the Mrs have a new bundle of joy in the family?!?!?!?!

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