A new little Princess!

Please stop by Dr. Bulldog’s site and welcome the little one. She is BEAUTIFUL!

Doctor Bulldog  <— Click here

Hey Doc… One of our 4-9 Cav Soldiers became a daddy to a fantastic L’il Trooper this past winter. I am thinking perhaps Baby Gene and Princess C should start dating in a few years.


Hugs to the Mrs. 

Thank you for sharing with us. We look forward to many years of happy pictures!


3 Responses to A new little Princess!

  1. Cavmom,

    Thank you for the kind words. I’ll let Mrs. Bulldog know that you are already at work playing matchmaker for our daughter.

    Hopefully, your 4-9 Cav Soldier’s baby will understand my “no dating until 27” policy…



  2. P.S. – But, for a military man, I might make an exception and lower it to 18 years old…

  3. cavmom says:

    I did see that rule earlier…

    But you know kids. They grow up so fast these days. 😉

    Baby Gene has fantastic parents. I am sure they will teach him to be a proper gentleman and to wait the allotted time. (give or take 12yrs)

    Come on Dad… They need to begin with “Play Dates” 😀

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