Haifa Street Project

As the self proclaimed “Groupie” site for the Haifa Street Project…

Can we, your loyal fans, have some pics to post?

We realize that you have official jobs in the Military and providing us with entertainment comes second (Ok, maybe even third behind emailing your family)

But, if you get a few free moments, we would love some Pre Concert teasers.



3 Responses to Haifa Street Project

  1. Ken says:

    Just left the concert. The guys rocked! There were some technical difficulties- likely directly related to trying to do a first class act in a third world country- but the sound was great. Pat sounded like the real deal, and JP was killing riffs. Steph had her bassist face going, Jason made “Closer” all the more near the mark, and the drummer was keeping perfect time.

    The Fourth of July debut of the Haifa Street Project was a huge success- and left new fans crying for an encore. Where can I get my t-shirt?

  2. Ken says:

    Oh- I’d like to book the band for a wedding reception in March… who is their manager?

  3. cavmom says:

    Ken ~ Is the upcoming wedding yours?

    We wish we could have watched the concert with you. I tried to bribe the Army to get a live viewing. No such luck. For some reason they don’t have a special need for Moms who are willing to drop in and bake cookies.

    Who would have guessed? 😀

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