Honoring The Wounded Warriors

Today as I participate in the RVF, there is a special couple I would like to honor; Colleen and SSG Terry T. Saffron, Jr.

SSG Saffron was severely injured in combat during his deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom on May 5, 2004.

Colleen has, since the date of her husband’s injury, managed to care for him and her 3 children while also returning to school to graduate with honors. Recently, along with 2 other active duty spouses Kimberly Marrero and Tania Mercurio, Colleen has begun a non profit organization to help wounded soldiers and their caregivers.

Because I am fairly new to the fantastic work they are accomplishing, I have decided to copy and share quips from their website:

The mission of  Life Transformed is to provide education and resources to our war wounded and their caregivers through private and corporate entities. To increase awareness of the long term needs of these families and support them as they re-enter the civilian sector.

They provide training and education to war  wounded and care givers, allowing an easier transition, both physically and mentally into the workforce.

Caregivers and wounded warriors will be trained and credited for positions as soon as they are able to re-enter the workforce. We hope to build Life Transformed into a foundation that encourages private and public sectors to actively participate in the transformation of a wounded warrior and his family to a civilian professional.

“Through kind donations from corporate companies, we are PROUD to announce that TEN War Wounded or Fallen Soldier families will benefit from a wonderful pilot program. 

Corporation’s are offering an opportunity for the family members to own their own Travel Website business at absolutely “no cost” to the family ever! $100% of commissions made go to directly to the family recipient, no hosting or domain fees. The family will receive full technical support access at all times to help them succeed.”

Read more here… Congratulations Ten Families! 

Hugs out to the Saffron family, who when faced with adversity, took a giant leap. They went beyond what was ever asked of themselves and reached out to others in need. Let’s get the word out. There are many Wounded Warriors who need our help.

I particularly love this quote on their website:

“Walking the road with our heroes, when they cannot walk alone.”

An added note from Colleen:

Our 501c3 status should be cleared very soon and by the end of the year we can hand statements out so people get tax deductions for any giving they do.  So pray with us for the endeavor to get funded well so we can keep helping people. We started in March and so far 10 families have received web based businesses and 1 family has received a computer with all the special software they need since their injury created a severe visual impairment.

And of course… Hugs to my fantastic L’il Trooper and the 4-9 Cav!


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