In My Thoughts…

Today I am sitting at my desk and I am in pain. Every muscle on my body is begging to be soaked in a hot tub of Calgon. Muscles that I had forgotten existed, even tiny muscles around my ribs. It hurts to laugh, to cough, to reach for the phone…

And yet I am so happy in my pain. With every groaning muscles, I am reminded of just how lucky I am!

I live in the United States of America!

 I have the freedom to choose what color to paint my living room. (I know this is trivial) But, I had to make three trips to Home Depot over the weekend and I was able to hop in my car, and go to the store each time by myself. I had no worries of being jailed for leaving my home unescorted by my husband. I was not required to hide my skin, my hair, my face. (although, had I been wearing a burqa, I would not have little specks of paint in my hair. 

Such small events that I often take for granted. I have so many freedoms.

My L’il Trooper and those fighting at his side are serving this great nation to allow us the luxuries of our day to day freedoms.

He, like so many others, will tell you that he is just doing his job. And he is correct, he is just doing his job. However, his job is one that we as a nation do not take for granted. He is doing a job that generations of Soldiers have done before.

He is serving our nation and protecting our freedoms.

So today, while I wince in pain, I smile and say…

Thank you Son!
(Do you want to guess which color I picked this time?)

By the way, I have yet yo decide on which flooring I want. So we still have the beautiful wall to wall concrete. To think this all started with Dad J wanting a new freezer.

That will teach him!  

NOTE: To the young lady who sent me an email stating that I don’t talk about the War or our Soldiers as much anymore… Yes, they are ALWAYS on my mind. Like any other Mom who’s child is at War, I wake up wondering what my son is doing right now. Is he staying cool? Is he out on the streets?

Thru the day more of the same questions pop into my head. When I take a bite of an apple I wonder what he is having to eat. When I wash my face I wonder if he is able to jump in a cool shower and rinse off some of the sand. When I lay my head on my pillow I wonder if he is getting any rest.

Our Soldiers are never far from our thoughts… Or our hearts.  


6 Responses to In My Thoughts…

  1. To think this all started with Dad J wanting a new freezer.

    Hmm, I thought it was that lion/dog of yours… I must be missing something…

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the pictures of my future son-in-law. He’s a handsome little thing. Yup, I might let Baby C. date him when she hits 16… (You can tell that Mama Bulldog has been working on me, eh?)


  2. cavmom says:

    It was the delivery of said freezer that prompted me to shut my spoiled pooch in the living room, which caused him to throw a tantrum repeatedly on my carpet.

    New Freezer – $757

    which lead to:

    Paint and painting supplies- $136
    Flooring materials- $1,444
    New furniture to match the new floors and paint colors – $$$$$

    Being able to use the living room again – PRICELESS!

    I will forward Princess C’s pics to Baby G’s parents. I am sure July of 2023 will work out nicely for the first date. 😉

    I can see that Mama Bulldog has some pull in the family!

  3. LOL – Yes, Mrs. Bulldog wears the pants (mama didn’t raise no fool !!!)

    July 2023… Okay, it’s a date.

    You forgot something on your list – the bill for that chiropractor your gonna’ need. 🙂


  4. cavmom says:

    By the way Your Daughter’s name goes beautifully with baby G’s last name! 😀
    (in case you were wondering)

    No need for a chiropractor… Just a masseuse for several hours a night. I think I might be able to trade services with my hubby. I bake him some brownies in exchange for a good back rub.

  5. Yeah, ain’t bribery grand!?


  6. cavmom says:

    I prefer the term “Bartering for favors”

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