Passing on a Message

 I received an e-mail from the fantastic crew of the 4-9 Cav FRG. They are offering 4ft X 6ft blankets such as the one pictured for sell. 

Blankets are $40 each (shipping is included).  All profits will be used to fund the squadron welcome home celebration.   Orders for blankets will be taken Stateside, until September 23, 2007. Orders will be taken from Iraq until September 5, 2007.  This will allow enough time for blankets to arrive in time for the Holiday gift giving season.

If for any reason you did not receive the details and would like to order one (or more) please post a note here and I will send you all the details. I am trying to figure out a good reason to buy more than one. Hmmmmm… Might need to send one to each of the grandparents. My L’il Trooper’s brothers might need one as well. Gosh, might pick one up for the lady across the street and my brother. OK, honey I can hear you groaning already. I will order ONE! (for now… hehehe)



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