You Know……

During my L’il Trooper’s first deployment I made a list that I lost when my computer crashed. I thought it would be fun to try and remember some of the items on the list and maybe come up with some new ones.

You know you have a child/loved one at war when:

1.) A knock on the door raises the hair on the back of your neck.

2.) Driving home from work, you peek around the corner of your street, to make sure a military vehicle is not parked in your driveway.

3.)You have your boss install a TV in your office so that you can watch the news 24/7.

4.)You will interrupt any meeting, no matter how important, to take a call from your child.

5.)You will reach out and touch the sleeve of a stranger who is in uniform, wanting to feel closer to your child.

6.) Recruiting commercials can fill you with pride and reduce you to tears all at the same time.

7.) If you witness any disrespect shown to our Troops, it will cause you to shoot fire out your eyes.

8.)You go to the store to buy milk and eggs and come home with beef jerky, wet wipes, drink mixes, and snack cakes.

9.) Waiting in line at the post office, a clerk will call you by name and ask if you can help a customer fill out a customs form.

10.)Your family hides their magazines until they are finished reading them. They know you will send their magazines to Iraq.

11.) Even if you are 20 miles from home, you will turn the car around and go back to retrieve your cell phone. The thought of missing a call from your child can ruin your day.

12.) Before you lay your head down and try to sleep, you stop and figure what time of the morning it is in Iraq. (and wonder if your child is up)

13.) Xanax is your friend, as is Ambien.

14.) You will let someone cut in front of you in traffic if they have a Military bumper/window sticker. And a Purple Heart license plate will earn the other driver your prime parking location at the grocery store.

15.) You have a map of Iraq and track which areas your child has been. (You also reference the map when you hear of a bombing to see how close it hit to where you think your child MIGHT be.)

16.) You shake your head in amusement when you hear parents complain that their child is never going to get a job and move out.

17.) You have sent care packages that have followed your son around the globe, just missing him in three countries. A box of Christmas cookies made it back to me long after my L’il Trooper returned from Iraq his first deployment.

18.) When you go to a gun shop, you can ask for different types of ammo and actually know what you are talking about.

19.) You like to wear your child’s military sweat shirts when you go shopping so people will ask you questions.

20.) You decorate your Christmas tree with little flags and yellow ribbons.

21.) When important events on your schedule consist of care package drives and anytime of the year when there is a parade.

22.) When you don’t mind driving to the nearest Military base to get a new Army flag.

23.) When you see a toddler wearing a camouflage T-shirt you smile and wonder if his daddy might be a Soldier.

24.) Your friends always greet you with “How is your son?”

25.) You listen to your son’s “loud music” CDs because they remind you of him.

26.) When you saw the Budweiser “Welcome Home Tribute” you thought it was one of the best short movies of all time.

27.) No one can see the floor in the spare bedroom because of all the care package “stuff.”

28.) When you miss washing your child’s dirty clothes.

29.) When other Moms are worried about their child going to Cancun for Spring Break, you want to explain to them the worries you face. 

… I will add more as they come to me.


30 Responses to You Know……

  1. DNR says:

    *wipes tears* If you change son to brother, that was so me a couple years ago.

    I especially love #s 6, 12, 15 and 26,

    (((HUGS))) My heart is with you and my prayers are with your son.

  2. cavmom says:

    *HUGS* back atcha DNR!

    Another one that leaves me teary-eyed is the commercial with the little boy asking a Marine if he is Santa Claus.

    Give your Brother a big hug and thank you from us!

  3. waitinggf says:

    changing son to boyfriend/best friend grr *wipes tears* its amazing the little things that can set you off, especially #4, #11, #12 and wearing his troop sweatshirt, my cell phone follows me everywhere and i sleep with it under my pillow, just in case he calls at 4am my time. My prayers are with your son, *hugs* i hope you hear from him soon.

  4. cavmom says:

    Aw shucks (((Waitinggf))) ~ I know it is not any easier for you.

    Your Soldier is lucky to have someone back home who cares so deeply about him!

    You and your Sweetie are in our thoughts and prayers. 🙂

  5. Infidel Parrot says:

    God bless the USA. God bless and keep these kids and the ones who love them. Comfort and grace to the families in the rear. Courage, discretion, and strength to the ones who go downrange. Amen.

    My wife and mom have been where you ladies are many, many times. It’s funny how distance draws you closer, isn’t it? God has a special place in his heart for the ones who humbly and steadfastly show support and their love from back in the rear. God bless you ladies.

  6. cavmom says:

    Thank you for the kind words IP. We have the easy job. All that is asked of us is that we continue to love and support our Soldier.

    I agree with you… God Bless the USA and those who so bravely serve to keep us free.

    (and a special *hug* to you IP for helping me on many blog sites to better understand some of the crazies in the world.)

  7. Infidel Parrot says:

    Thanks Cavmom. I always love to chat with other people who ‘get it.’ Tell your son hi from the blogoshpere.

  8. Have you been peaking in my windows? 🙂 I’m actually in “impending deployment freak out mode” right now. Have you seen our list of “You know you’re a Marine mom when…”? There is a link to it in the sidebar.

  9. cavmom says:

    Semper Fi Mom ~ Is IDFOM an official term yet? It should be.

    I should have known that you would have a list as well. I will head over and check it out!

    Hugs out to you and your Marines. May I suggest ingesting huge amounts of chocolate? All weight gained while a child is deployed are excuseable pounds according to the official Military Mom’s handbook. (which has yet to be written)

  10. 2008voter says:

    we read your posting aloud with whole family , it is so telling
    thank you and God bless you and your son
    You are very talented writer ( i mean it) i wish everybody would read what you write may be they would then better undestand what is going on

  11. TexasFred says:

    You know, it’s not a heck of a lot better on us Dad’s either, my son did a year in Baghdad, 256th BCT La Army Natl Guard and they lost 32 troops while there, now they’re home, and my son is a Deputy Sheriff, it NEVER ends… I swear, it NEVER ends…

  12. See, I’m trying SO hard not to do the chocolate thing (even though it’s my favorite). I lost 40 pounds (some of that gained while boys were in bootcamp I’m sorry to say) and have kept it off for 6 months now. I REALLY don’t want to gain it back!

    I think IDFOM should be an official term. Maybe they will add it to the DSM IV or whichever one they are on now. I’ve been calling him all the time because we are getting down to the wire now and I know once he gets there we won’t be able to talk much. Poor guy. He thinks his mother is nuts I’m sure. 😉 He says there’s nothing to worry about. Yeah right! I’m a mother…it’s what I do best!

  13. Ronin says:

    Hmmmm for some reason I feel like I owe someone special a phone call. Here is a tip my mother used to use. Place fresh popcorn loose in a box with home made cookies and the popcorn will go stale but the cookies stay fresh. Just wrap foil around the cookies. Nothing reminds a Joe more of mom than cookies.

  14. cavmom says:

    2008Voter ~ You make me blush with your kind words. My L’il Trooper would be grinning, I am sure, if he heard that you share my posts with your family.

    TexasFred ~ I am going to tell on my hubby and expose his ‘soft’ side. Take most of the things on my list and multiply them by 2 and you have Dad J. He would never let the guys at work know he has a soft side, but the thought of anything happening to our L’il Trooper tears him up in the worst way.

    Families of those in law enforcement and Fire Fighters endure the same daily stress. You are right… It NEVER ends!

  15. cavmom says:

    Ronin ~ Did you make the call? 😉 Thanks for the tips on sending the goodies. I have often asked what shape the baked goods arrive. My son always gives the same answer. “It doesn’t matter, we eat them anyway.”

    Which tells me probably they cannot recognize the cookies as such when they arrive. I will try your tips on the next box.

  16. cavmom says:

    Semper Fi Mom ~ They all think we parents are nuts. In fact, I take great pride in that knowledge. (a thin line between genius and insanity)

    Give them enough time and they will realize we are BRILLIANT! (or they will have us committed) 😀

  17. Infidel Parrot says:

    Another tip for shipping cookies, make them small and put them in a Pringles can packed with pieces of bread. It works like the popcorn, the cookies stay really fresh.

  18. Infidel Parrot says:

    ..and the pringles can keeps them from getting smashed.

  19. cavmom says:

    Thanks IP ~ My mom used to ship cookies to my brother in Thailand using the pringles cans. I don’t remember if she added bread.

    When I ship cookies I throw M&M’s and peanuts in the bag. Then he can call the crumbles “Trail Mix”

    I usally make bar cookies. I will try both your’s and Ronin’s suggestions. (Or y’all can ship to me and I will let you know how they turn out!) 😉

  20. Infidel Parrot says:

    I’m considerably farther away from the US than your son is. I’m so remote that mail takes a minimum of 3 weeks to get back to the states! I blog so much because this crappy little satellite uplink is my one lifeline back to civilization! I could probably mail you lamb-kabobs in a pringles can (of course my wife would have to send me pringles first) but I’m afraid cookies are out of the question 🙂 .

  21. cavmom says:

    Perhaps I should be sending you cookies! Do you mind expediting the shipment of lamb-kabobs? I have no idea what I am fixing my husband for dinner.

  22. armilnov says:

    to cavmom

    God bless you and your family. I am not a professional soldier by calling, and I have enormous respect to to you and your son for what you do.

    I as a (legal :)) immigrant can tell you : People like you built this country. If this country is to exist in future, it will be ONLY because of people like you. The other people (including me) are just the passengers. We all owe you.


  23. Bob Gilead says:

    Hi CM,
    Love the list. I’m a PMD & an old one myself. Just released the US Army CAMOSOCK to go along with the T-shirt. I designed the first one in 2004 her 1st Christmas away from home as a new Marine. You have to have one, it will be on the house. Send me a contact.
    Semper Fi, Oo-Rah PaPa!!

  24. cavmom says:

    Wow! Those are fantastic!

  25. cavmom says:

    Thanks Zac . BTW I LOVE your performance on YouTube!

  26. retro says:

    Hard to believe Christmas is already around the corner. I am ready for some Thanksgiving turkey though.

  27. USArmyVet says:

    Beautiful. Just goes to show that the soldiers are not the only troopers out there. 🙂

  28. Diana May says:

    Cindy, this is so true. My son is a medic currently stationed in Germany working at a hospital. He keeps requesting to be deployed. That is the hardest thing for me to hear but he has to follow his heart. I will include a special prayer for your son and you. Thank you for sharing this with me.


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