It is Here!

The much anticipated DVD has arrived! I just finished watching the Haifa Street Project’s 4th of July concert and what can I say?

Our Troopers ROCK!

Thank you Sgt Yde for sending the disk. You made my day!

I apologize for the tease. However, I cannot copy the disk onto this computer at work. Time allowing I will post a few songs sometime over the weekend.

For some reason (not being able to find the dining room floor, perhaps) my dear hubby believes my time would be better spent helping him take boxes to storage.

His priorities and mine are clashing…

I will do my best to complete the drudgery chores and get back and make a post.

Message to the HSP crew: You did a fabulous job! However, as a fan I am going to need to talk with your chain of command and suggest a wardrobe allowance. Just kidding -D The entire event was awesome! 


8 Responses to It is Here!

  1. Wooohoooo!!!


    Uhm, you’re not just teasing me, are you?


  2. cavmom says:

    Oh No, I wouldn’t do that. The Cpt asking the MPs to take control of the unrulies in the crowd was pretty funny.

    (but, I guess you would have to watch the DVD to know what I am talking about) 😉

  3. How do I get my own copy???

  4. cavmom says:

    You want the full concert? I am going to send you an email

  5. Tony Hare says:

    Can we get a copy or download of the coveted DVD?

  6. cavmom says:

    Tony ~ I sent you an email

  7. J.P. Hare says:

    CAVmom, thanks so much for supporting us! You have been the best Groupie! We have had a great adventure, and are sad to see SPC Zak Deckard, our original drummer redeploy, but are so glad to have gotten a chance to work and play with him. While never replaceable, we have perservered with a drummer from 4-9 (we can, we will) continue to play. We have three shows under our belt and will not slow down….except maybe to fly home. Dad, I miss you…we sound alot like “little abe and the lincolns” We are glad you got to see our show, but it was arguably our weakest performance just the most publicized. We cannot wait to play in Killeen.

  8. cavmom says:

    J.P. ~ Thank you so much for providing the Rock-n-Roll for the Troops and for sending the awesome pictures!

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