Friday’s Good News (part 2)

From Doctor Bulldog 

Charges Dropped in Court Martial Case Against Camp Pendleton Marine”

Murder charges against a US Marine accused of killing three Iraqi civilians during an alleged massacre in Haditha two years ago have been dropped, the military said on Thursday.


3 Responses to Friday’s Good News (part 2)

  1. Was this the case that dealt with putting an extra round in the head of a wounded insurgent?

  2. cavmom says:

    No, this is the case where 7 Marines and a Navy officer are being charged with murdering a man and staging the scene to look as if the man was in the process of planting an IED.

    Many, such as myself, believe the charges are trumped up by those who were hoping to recieve a government payout for wrongful death.

    The media here in the states turned it into a circus and Murtha declared to the world that they were guilty before a trial was even held.

    Here is a pretty good article:

  3. I’ve heard of that case. I agree with your assessment.

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