He Has a NAME!

Back in July I posted  Why They Serve The moving YouTube video of the Marine who’s words we felt in the depths of our very souls.

I have searched since posting, to find out more about this Marine. I am happy to say that Andy and Matthew Denton from Badass Marine have put a name to the face!

Check out their site for more info on SSgt Lawrence E. Dean. Has anyone sent this video to Russell Simmons? SSgt Dean would blow Def Poetry Jam out of the water with his talent!

Anyway… Head over to  www.badassmarine.com/  and check out the interview and the many awesome posts they have up!

(great site guys!)

And to SSgt Dean ~ Thank you Sir. You have stirred up the hearts of many Americans! God bless and hugs to your Grandmother.


4 Responses to He Has a NAME!

  1. Velvet Hammer says:

    Woo Hoo!

    Gotta love it!

    BTW Maybe you are being kicked off of the internet while trying to comment is that the powers that be at ConservaBlogs are performing maintenance on the server.
    It has happened to me too.They have alerted us and are stating that it should not last but a couple of days…
    Yesterday being the first.

    I hope that is all it is anyways. lol

    I have had to log out to post here CavMom. My comments are being flagged as spam.
    You may find a comment similar to this one in your spam catcher.

    Have just put up a post regarding my problems here:

  2. cavmom says:

    I found both of your posts in the spam filter. Arrrg!

    I will head over and try again! 🙂

  3. G Hudlemeyer says:

    Thankyou for finding this Marine. His words are the pure poetry of Freedom and they brought tears to my Eyes. Keep up the good work and we will support you . Thank you

  4. cavmom says:

    G Hudlmeyer ~ Thank you for stopping by. 🙂 It is brave men and women such as SSgt. Dean who make it easy for me to stand proudly and offer them my support.

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