A Three Day Weekend

I would like to thank the brave men and women who are in the service of this great nation for giving me a very special three day weekend.

I was able to sit around the house and do absolutely nothing, no terrorists to fight off at my front door, no car bombs to avoid while picking up groceries, no snipers to hide from while cleaning the patio…

All because men and women are willing to serve, willing to fight for me.

Thanks guys… Y’all Rock!

Three days to veg, to recharge… Three days to sit with my feet up and enjoy life! Other than complete rest, I did not accomplish much of anything. No home remodeling projects, not even the trip to pick up my new end tables.

It was odd at first, when you are accustomed to running in 3 directions at once, to sit still and watch the world pass slowly by.

I did take the opportunity to try out several new recipes! Grilled portabella mushrooms with feta cheese are the best!

Note to my L’il Trooper: I cannot bring myself to make an ice cream cake if you are not home to help us enjoy it. The same goes for Fogo’s; We drove by and thought for 1/2 a second about eating dinner there on Sunday… But, it just felt wrong without you.Be careful … We are missing you So Very Much!


4 Responses to A Three Day Weekend

  1. “Thanks guys… Y’all Rock!”

    Thanks. I know.

  2. Hi CavMom,

    I certainly understand saving certain traditions for when your son comes home. Heck, my kid is only 2000 miles away at school, and I couldn’t bring myself to watch The Sound of Music over the weekend without her.

    Tell your son that Wyoming is grateful for his service. I can hardly wait until you make an ice cream cake in celebration of him being back home safe and sound.

  3. cavmom says:

    That is so sweet! Some things just can’t be enjoyed without the ones we love.

    I will pass on your message to my L’il Trooper.

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