Stop with the New Technology Already!

I waited until the actual day of the game to TRY and figure out how to hook up the new DVD player. I wanted so desperately to record the Lions game for my L’il Trooper.

GOOD GRIEF! Why do they make these new fangled contraptions with so many options in which to insert the many, many, many cables. I need to take a picture of the back of our TV. It is scary!

Between the tv, satellite box, receiver, VCR, DVD, stereo, 12 speakers (don’t ask… Mr. J keep coming home with more speakers) the box thingie on the floor that makes the base shake the walls during a bombing scene. ( doesn’t everyone need to feel the movies???)  

I did it! Just don’t look behind the tv…  

… and then I had the pleasure of figuring out the 83 buttons on the new remote control. Blimey!!! All I want is a remote with an on/off button, Record, pause, stop, and play.

Y’all can keep all the fancy smancy capabilities. I will never take the time to set the clock, nor to title my recordings. They will all be labeled “SURPRISE”

I am the same way with my cell phone. All I need is to be able to call out and receive calls. OK, I will go one step further: My phone should also be able to accept voice mail. Because sometimes I just don’t want to carry on a conversation.

But, I don’t need a camera, a video recorder, a text messenger, internet capabilities… etc.

Just dial number, ringy-dingy, howdy and goodbye. Life should not be so dang complicated.

(and yes, I will always hold onto my VCR and my 8-track player. Those are gadgets that I can relate to!)

Message to my L’il Trooper – Awesome game! It will be heading your way shortly!


3 Responses to Stop with the New Technology Already!

  1. Yup, ever since the most recent storm knocked out power, my bedside alarm clock is still blinking 12:00…


  2. cavmom says:

    hehehe… I wish I did not need to reset the bed side alarm clock when the power bleeps off and on. But, for some crazy reason the boss still wants me to come in to work the next day.

    I need to have battery back-up on all my digital clock ‘stuff.’

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