Where Were You…

Semper Fi Mom over at http://Lubbock Marine Parents has a post titled “Where Were You?”

I thought it was a terrific idea and would like to hear the stories… Where Were You?

I will start with my own… I was at my Uncle’s office doing some charity work. There were only a few of us in at the time.

My uncle called and told me to turn on the little tv in his office. He exclaimed, “Baby we are under attack!”

Now, Uncle Phillip has a way of exagerating things, so I was hesitant to stop what I was working on.

 Yet, a nagging feeling pulled me into his office to turn on the news. What I was watching made the blood freeze in my veins.

I unplugged his tv and moved it in to where I was working… Yet, I don’t remember if I was able to finish the project I was working on that September morning.

My husband had the day off from work and was out at our little country home. As I called, I remember feeling a slight panic. Our little place is less than twenty miles from  the STP nuclear power plant.

Was he safe out there? Was I safe here in Houston? Should I head out to him? Should he drive in to the city?

We decided to continue watching the news. We were still talking on the phone when the reports came in that another plane had crashed into the Pentagon.

About this time we decided that I should drive out to the country. If the world was going to Hell that day, we wanted to be together.

I remember the drive on those back country roads, crying as I marvelled at the beauty of the trees, the sky, the world. The radio had begun playing a long stretch of patriotic songs.

I remember hearing Ray Charles singing “America the Beautiful.” I was having a hard time seeing the road thru the tears that were streaming down my cheeks.

That is when I came to realize that I take a lot for granted. We are a blessed nation and I vowed to no longer take a back seat. If it is worth having, it is worth fighting for!

Although I am not exactly Army material, I can wield a mighty sharp sword on the internet front… Just try to talk bad about any of our Warriors! (and I am not a bad shot with my little 40 )

It was not until my son was enlisted in the Army, that a wonderful woman took me under her wing and  offered me guidance. This woman is Nancy Burcham the sister of Major Steve Long. Nancy help me to understand that there are many idots out there who wish to undermine the efforts of our Warriors and their families. She explained that it was best not to get pulled into verbal debates attacks with those who have nothing better to do than spew hatred. (Thanks Nancy!)

Nancy’s brother, Major Long died a hero while saving the lives of others at the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001. Memorial for Fallen Heroes

On September 11th, while I was in a state of shock, many Americans stepped up, many Americans were heroes.

Alas, too many of our friends and family were taken from us.

 To Nancy Burcham and her family… to all of America,

I Will Never Forget!

Please stop by Texas Fred’s place> for an excellent list of bloggers who have tributes up!


5 Responses to Where Were You…

  1. I was in California, couch surfing at a friend’s house and watching the 700 Club, when Pat Robertson announced that there had been reports of a plane hitting the World Trade Center. I immediately switched over to CNN and began video taping the events as they unfolded.

    I remember hoping that it was just a terrible accident, but when I watched in horror as another plane slammed into the second tower, I knew it wasn’t. I woke up my friend and his wife (it was still pretty darn early in California) and we sat there transfixed by the horror unfolding as the towers collapsed.

    I remember turning to my friends and saying, “Bin Laden has got to be behind this!” They had no clue as to who he was, so I had to give them a quick rundown of his nefariousness and obsession with toppling the WTC towers.

    Yup, we sat there all day and night watching the carnage, knowing deep down that life would never be the same for any of us again.

    I still have that video tape of the events as they unfolded, it’s in the VCR right now, as my wife and I watch it every year on 9/11.

    We will never forget.

  2. Deb Marquis says:

    This was one day I know I will never forget where I was, and I pray it is a day that no one will ever forget those who lost their lives and the families that have had to go on with their lives.I would like to personally thank those who continue to pray for all of them.
    Chances are if you are reading this you may have someone in the Military please tell your soldier that we say Thank you for watching our backs, so we may never have to go through something like this again.

    In Christ we trust
    Deb Marquis

  3. cavmom says:

    Doc ~ Gremlins keep eating my responses. I will try this again…

    I am not surprised that you were on top of the bin laden story six years ago!

    (In case you are curious, bin laden, al qaeda, etcal will no longer receive capitalization on my blog. They do not garner the respect.)

    I don’t know if I am yet ready to watch the events unfolding again. Perhaps one day, if I begin to weaken my stand, I will watch in order to strengthen my resolve.

  4. cavmom says:

    Thank you Deb, that was so beautifully worded!

  5. DNR says:

    I read another bloggers ‘That Fateful Day’ telling of how she learned the news. I wrote mine too. I’m gonna have to go back and add things, as I read other peoples posts, I am reminded of other events from that day.

    I have all of the newspapers (Indy Star and USA Today) for that day and 2 weeks after.

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