Saved by a cold front…

(I did not ask to be saved)
TS Humberto was bearing down on us. Yes, I will admit I was excited! I would finally be able to put some of my hurricane supplies to use!

My Hurricane food supply is extensive. Honestly, I could feed the neighborhood for a week. I love a challenge and fixing breakfast lunch and dinner without electricity would have provided just that.

OK, perhaps I am not taking in all the variables. There is also the possible flooding, the possible trees thru the roof, the possible fire ant attack…

But, darn it… I am prepared and would like to put my mini drills into action… The real deal.

(Yes, my dear sweet hubby would like to have me analyzed by a professional.)

It is not all my fault, he has put a stop to all my “adventures” and in so doing has caused a build-up of itchy desires to participate in something outside of the norm. Something that will test me.

Alas, a cold front pushed Humberto over to Beaumont. We did not even get a sprinkle, just a gentle breeze off of the coast.

A side note: A cold front in Texas is nothing like the cold fronts that paralyzed us in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Nope, a cold front here only means we might not hit 90 today.

With every report of an impending cold front, I send out a company memo to remind everyone to grab their parkas and mittens!

HA! No one around here seems to know what a parka is. Nor do they understand the need for special boots when it snows.


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