Friday Good News 10/05/07

Troops Foil Attacks, Detonate Cache

4-1 Inf. Div. Public Affairs

BAGHDAD – Multi-National Division-Baghdad

Soldiers prevented a pair of roadside bombs from detonating in East Rashid Sept. 30.

Troops from the 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment “Wolfpack” spotted one improvised explosive device consisting of two 60mm mortar rounds with wire while conducting clearing operations in Doura. After properly securing

and cordoning off the area, an explosive ordnance disposal team detonated the IED in place.

Soldiers with Company B, 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment “Warriors” also foiled a potential IED strike when they entered a neighborhood acting on a tip from a resident and observed an individual acting suspiciously. After that person

fled the area and escaped, a careful search of the vicinity uncovered a 155mm artillery shell rigged to explode.

EOD destroyed the device after the troops secured the area.

In the Doura neighborhood of East Rashid, troops found a cache of 10 155mm artillery shells and other homemade explosives and bombmaking materials in an abandoned building Oct. 1. The cache was detonated in place.

With the Sept. 30, IED discoveries, 22 roadside bombs have been taken off the street of the Rashid District since Operation Dragon Talon II began Sept. 16.

You know me… The discovery of every bomb has potentially saved the life of another Soldier, perhaps even my L’il Trooper! 

I would also like to wish my baby Sis a Happy Birthday and Congrats on her new baby!


2 Responses to Friday Good News 10/05/07

  1. snooper says:

    I, as well as a zillion others, subscribe to CENTCOM and I find it horrid that the Lame Stream Media cannot find it in their hearts to make public that which our men and women in uniform find and do everyday.

  2. cavmom says:

    Hey Snooper! Thanks for dropping in.

    We can only pray that more and more people will search out the truth. There are thousands of websites/blogs that a person could read which detail what is really happening in the Middle East with our Troops.

    Unfortunately there are probably as many sites that spread falsehoods for whatever reason.

    I tend to believe words from our “Boots on the Ground” over the MSM outlets.

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