Question of the day

I am not sure why…… But, it happens. From out of the blue someone will ask you the most incredulous question.

I am getting pretty good at snappy comebacks… But, sometimes the question is so far out in left field that you have to just turn and walk away. (either that or strangle the person who asked) Ok, just walk away…

My favorite question, since my son has been deployed:

“Why didn’t you make him stay?” I began to giggle like an idiot because I had the visual of my son on his hands and knees, wearing a dog leash … and I was ordering him to ‘sit’… ‘STAY’ … ‘Good Boy!’ Patting his head and offering him a doggy treat.

Yeah right! We all have complete control over our grown children. Don’t get me wrong. My son loves me and respects my wishes. However, he knows that I will not impose my will over him.

If that were the case, I would have insisted he get married and produce me some darling grand-babies!

I had another well meaning mom tell me that she would have mortgaged the house to keep her son home.

That same woman will not talk with me because I trumped her with; “Is that all? I would mortgage my ‘soul’ to have my son return safe to me.”

Just last night I was asked, “If your son is killed in Iraq, will you still support what he was doing?”

Uhhhhh… Yes!

Some times I want to respond with… “Are You Serious?”

But, instead I told the woman, “If your daughter is shot by a bank robber while she is working at the bank, will you be mad at the bank and condemn the work she was doing or will you be mad at the thug who killed her?

The clueless are out there for our entertainment purposes. However, it is not always easy to face them.

Please stop in at Claire’s site and read the fantastic post she has about the ‘well meaning’ fools who ask their insipid questions

Oh yes… I am holding my breath until 10:00 tomorrow in hopes that the weather holds up for Wings Over Houston!


4 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Bob says:

    Why must otherwise well-meaning people always try to improvise? This is easy; you just say: “My prayers are with you and your son.” (And then you pray.)

  2. Leta says:

    You know…I finally figured it out the other day. One of the reasons there are so many, uh, idiotic people running around asking members of the military and their families so many STUPID questions is that so many of the most highly educated men and women VOLUNTEERED to serve in the Armed Forces. Yep, our military today is one of the most highly edumacated in history. That just HAS to be why there are so many running around asking those inane questions.

    Now…about those grand babies………..since YankeeMom’s daughter hasn’t stepped up to the plate yet I’m throwing my hat back in the ring. LOL

    You GO girl! Wish I could have been there to see the exchange. Hugs to you and L’il Trooper.

  3. Terri says:

    It’s obvious that these people have no clue about the military. If they did, they’d be very well aware that you can’t just “make them stay” but that instead, because of the oath they took, they have to go and do their job, whether we want them to or not. We have even less control over the military, then we do our grown children. Geeeezzzzz, makes you wonder what pile of sand these peoples’ heads have been hiding in….

  4. DNR says:

    I must say, you all handle stupid people with much more grace and poise than I could ever muster. I do fear that I would hit them…

    Thanks for the laughs, the nerve of some people never ceases to amaze me.

    God Bless, and thank YOU for your service.
    Tell your son/husband thanks for me also, and that I am proud of them and that they should be proud of the strength you have.

    (I know it’s the same comment I put on Claire’s site. You deserve as much thanks and blessings, if not more.)

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